How do you focus best?

Katarina S.
I focus the best,when I have a plan that I can stick to. Also when I do something dynamic for my brain or body.I cannot focus on boring things. I always try to find something exciting about everything I do.

Tyrone E.
When I have only one or a few things to do and when there is quiet and alone time. I also ficus best when I have the goal written down.

Aubrey E.
Close off any devices that cause distraction(tv, radio etc) and move my phone as far away as possible. Then commit for at least 20 minutes to the task before I can do anything else. So basically have 20 mins intense work with 5-10 minutes intervals

Alma C.
I focus best differently, depending on the task at hand. When studying I highly recommend the pomodoro method and doing two sets of those. After that to test your knowledge and understanding of the content, complete two blurts 10 minutes apart without revising in between. For other tasks I like to turn in my music look at my list of things to do and categorise them. I will then dance around whils completing a category.

Clara P.
By knowing what I want and therefore need to do: a long term goal, that is my own, aTo do, and a set of top priorities really help. Otherwise I tend not to know what is most important and then my focus is constantly getting attacked by a myriad of small distractions, from social media to mails, phonecalls and urgent matters.

Erwin E.
I best focus when I have everything I need near me. I usually focus best on a deadline. I am a poor listener when I multitask