How can one stay constant with learning a new language? It’s hard for me to study even though it’s on my list, but I usually over look it because I don’t have anyone to be accountable to.

Earl J.
Honestly, learning a new language is quite difficult. For me, I watch a lot of movies and shows (with subtitles, then with time after learning a bit more, try without), maybe music in that language. Then, it gets easier and easier to learn it since it's entertaining and not so boring and study-oriented. It develops slowly, so don't be discouraged. Just keep listening and practicing, and make it fun.
Esther N.
Even though there's no one to be accountable to, I think you should look deep down in you and find the reason why you're doing it and motivate yourself to do better, you can watch movies and cartoons in that new language you're learning, it may help keep you going
Gail F.
Try Anki app. You can use it anywhere on your phone. Perfect during commute, waiting in line or appointment or just a quick 5 min break
Stanislav B.
Start small. Study for 5 minutes every day. Make your accountable to someone. See if a family member or friend wants to learn with you. Try making fabulous your “friend.” I have found that I just want to make this stupid app proud of me..
Sally Z.
Start by having a good reason why you want to learn the language, make your 'why' compelling enough that it would encourage you to look forward to each session. Make your sessions short enough that you don't get tired or fed up. Learn also what is relevant to you so that you can relate to and use the content. When you hear yourself speak in relevance it helps a great deal.
Takeshi L.
I decided to study code after dinner.
And I decided to cook dinner everyday.
Fabulous notice me to cook dinner. That’s the switch of evening routine.
Davide P.
When learning a language motivation is everything. Think why you want to learn that language, and keep focused on the goal. You can also use Tandem Apps like HelloTalk (similar to WhatsApp but for language exchange) to find a partner and keep practicing. Little tip there: start with the app only if you have a basic understanding of the language and can have a basic conversation, and find a tandem partner you can connect with and ideally write to every day, else your conversation will always remain at the level of "Hi, how are you?". Moreover, you can use Facebook or other social networks to find real people in your city that either want to learn your language or just speak the language you want to learn, you'll make a new friend and bind your new language skills at a completely new subconscious level!