How long do you think you can study without burning out?

Duane C.
I think that it is different for everyone. If it is a subject or topic you enjoy, then you should be able to go a bit longer. For me I can study for a couple hours before I need a break. I have found that if I take to many breaks or to long breaks, I lose motivation and end up distracted. I would suggest trying different times and seeing what works for you but make sure to take breaks! Good luck!
Genz F.
It depends on how much you practice and enjoy studying.
When you feel it's too much remind yourself why you began that task in the first place or what are you going to achieve after you complete it.
Dolores Q.
If I am studying something that I feel intrinsically motivated about, I can study for a long time. It's about the motivation of the heart, not what others tell you to do that keeps motivation alive.
Tracey U.
Well it depends on what you study and how. Now I have a big exam in front of me and I already feel little burnt out. But I try to make a good place for studying. I feel like there is no right answer to this question. But maybe when you study for hours a whole month I think that's time when you start to become burn out.
Don Q.
If I am realy interested in the subject, probably an hour or so. If I do too much I eill not only remember it but I will also be tired of it
Simon W.
I think I can study for about 30 minutes without burning out. I easily get bored and/or tired of things easily. So, that's why I changed the duration time of the studying habit to 30 minutes.
Daniel Z.
40 minutes at a time, perhaps less. I like to set a timer and take a break between sessions. Cup of tea, some food and a quick chore or a walk. A few sessions a day is all I do.