How do you concentrate while studying?

Femke J.
I'll set up a timer. 25 minutes of learning – > 5 minute break and all the time until you're done with your work. That's really good for concentration and motivation.

Phoebe W.
Don’t study for an hour straight. I recommend studying for ten to fifteen minutes. Also to drink and eat healthy snacks such as nuts and fruit. Giving yourself a target or some questions may help. Some people find listening to music helps to hope this helps xx

Edmund Q.
First remove a thought that studying is a tough job and it's a boring work to do.
Choose a place to sit and study where you don't get much disturbed & feel pleasant surrounding around you. Now make yourself comfortable. Remember a good sitting position keeps you active rather than reading by sleeping on your bed.
First try to sought out some topics in which you are much interested in a particular chapter. Now start reading a topic that you are interested in in that chapter and then read a topic that you are not much interested or partially interested. Repeat this alternate technique to complete your study on that chapter. This helps you in not losing your interest to study. And remember the purpose why you are studying that particular thing.

When you feel like not studying then give it a break. Take some rest or do what you like and keep your self stress free & happy. According to some studies when a person is mentally happy then he can be active throughout the day and can concentrate well on things.

So keep in mind that when you are good and happy mentally then you can do your works with your complete potential and concentration. Being concentrated is not that tough it is just something you need to setup with a proper arrangements which gives you distraction free environment. Make your study time interesting as much as possible.

Happy studying. Hope these tips help you to be concentrated…📚📖🤓

Tim Z.
How to stay focused while studying, a guide:
Find a suitable environment. …
Create a study ritual. …
Block distracting websites + apps on your phone, tablet, and computer. …
Divide up + space out study sessions. …
Use the Pomodoro Technique. …
Find the best tools. …
Focus on skills, not grades. …
Schedule downtime.

Giulliana G.
I use a clean desk, a room that is not so warm or so cold… and white noise or classical music (and of course no social media)

Nat Lia E.
So, I’m used to listen relaxing songs or specific sounds for concentration 🙂 Binaural sounds, waves. Something like this.
There are some meditation apps that have a section for concentration, studying. Some natural sounds and classical music are good too.

Liam U.
It honestly depends on how passionate I am by what I am studying. If I'm too tired (and so too unfocussed) I will have more breaks. What gives me a hard time is to actually have breaks when studying something I am passionate about.

Jeannie N.
I tidy my study space to get rid of any distractions. I put my phone in another room and meditate for five minutes. I keep a pad next to me and any distractions like thinks to do that come into my mind I quickly jot them in the list for attention after study time.

Elmer P.
If you dont separate yourself from your distractions , your distractions will separate you from your goals and the life you want .

Emma N.
oh, i usually play light music in the background, and move my phone away from me to prevent distractions. i find it best for me to set a timer for how long ill study for, then take a short break, then continue studying.

Tammy U.
I can never concentrate but when I read motivational quotes I become fresh and I could study nicely but to be honest I only like study according to my mood…

Jim C.
Personally, listening to music in the background while I work helps me focus. However, I play instrumental music (no lyrics) because it's less of a distraction. There are a variety of playlists on Spotify and Youtube that are created specifically for studying and/or concentration. I really hope that helps 😃.

Kate C.
I like to have a white noise in the background. Some kind of monotonous sound that isolates me from the environment. Otherwise my ears pick up every tiny sound that lead to distraction.

Candice P.
Put all distractions away, focus on my task, use a timer app so that I would not get distracted. Do simple things that will not affect my mindset negatively during the study session.

Stella S.
Instrumental music really helps me to concentrate better. I enjoy listening to film scores (aka soundtracks). I also find that if you put your phone out of reach and on silence mode it helps as well. I would also try eating a meal or snack with water to help focus because when you’re full you have less reason to think about food while you’re studying. I guess it also really just depends on the person, everyone’s different and has their own technic.

T Lay F.
My attire needs to fit the moment, I enjoy pens around me, I like to plan for it ensure I have a reward at the end. Plus it must make me smile in private time

Charlie Z.
I mostly don’t. But usually I put some music depending on what i’m studying and put my phone to charge far away from me.

Constance Z.
First of all If you Should decide what are you read! And include this your to do list.Secondly keep distance from your electronic device.
If possible, set up your reading table at quite place.

Nevena F.
I usually have a good concetration.
But, all devices off, brain on
That's our primary job so I try so hard and my future job is also my motivation.

Alexa S.
Start with the setting. Create a study area. Masjid sure you fav the wall. Play natural skins, like the ocean it nature. Buy a lamp, put a note on it, with the weird stuffy and only use it when you study. Start by studying for 25 minutes, then have a 5 min break. Reward yourself after study is done. A bath, movie, whatever makes you smile.
Good luck with your studies 😊

S Kr F.
How I concentrate is listening to calm music like Lofi to help me because the type of person that doesn’t like the quiet that much. I like to hear things so I could be in the present.

Rebeca R.
I have recently realized that my phone is my biggest distraction.To focus 100% I put my phone on time laps mode on camera,and film my progress.The time laps gets interrupted so easily ,even by notifications.That is why I set my phone on plane mode.I would not want to i terrupt the time laps by going on my phone as i want to see my progress.

Sofia Z.
If you are a person who is extremely cautious about your health, brown bread with margarine and a pinch of sugar would be a good choice. But if you are a student or aged around 16-22 its best to have some boiled milk and any helathy cereal like cornflakes..its easy to make and helathy. This is what i think .. Hope its helpful 😇

Asami S.
I use a pomodoro timer when i study in my room. I use an app call Forest for that, you can plant trees and real life trees(if you pay the subscription). The fabulous app has a timer too if you set a duration. You can keep remote controllers for fan or air conditioner besides you.

Bhandu I.
I make a plan of what i have to do and usually set time like i have to spend one hour to do my homework and then take a break of 10/15 minutes then i continued …

R Mi Y.
Personally, I work/study while listening to music. Classical music and songs in foreign languages that I don't understand keep me the mostfocussed. Though songs I've listened to so much I know them by heart work too. I think it's because I can zone out music and maintain focus while other noises lie my neighbours talking or a dog barking distract me because they're not regular.

Anaiya N.
Mm…I put my phone on do not disturb and don’t touch it. Sometimes it’s helps to set like a 25 minute timer for deep focus and then a 5 minute one for a break! I like to listen to music while working which can both distract me and keep me focused at the same time, haha!

Liliosa T.
I concentrate on my studies when I don't have any distractions. This is how I get rid of my distractions:
1. I go to a quite place, where I know that no one will bother me.
2. I make sure I tell my family that I'm studying, that way they won't bother or have any loud noises.
3. I turn off my phone, so that I don't get distracted with social media.
4. I make sure I have the snacks or water I need, so that I don't be moving around too much. If snacks are a distraction then don't take any with you.

Annweta C.
I prefer many things like having an app on my phone that will restrict my usage. As a result I will not be distracted. Secondly, less social media diversion,as I found it not that effective, creating a mindset. Thirdly,a place to study,where one feels comfortable,a good ambience will automatically create a mindset to study. Fourthly,try to say those things which you are reading,the brain reacts to the voice,and with due progress you can simply read them. And lastly,the concentration period,normally a brain cannot focus on certain things for a longer duration, one looses interest. So try to break the time. Try the pomodero session. 25 minutes reading and 5 mins break. One can concentrate for longer time with breaks.

Matilde Q.
I turn off phone notifications, tv and other distraction and i use a circular studing method : -40 minutes of uninterrupted study,
-15 of distraction (u can text someone, go on youtube, look at the TV…, anything not related to study),
-5 in whitch i repeat what i studied before the pause
(u can do it more than ones, if u want to study for 4 hours u're gonna repeat everything 4 times)

Alexandra L.
First I set the scene; candle burning, pot of tea, eliminate distractions. Then I set a goal of studying for 15 minutes. Once you start going, you don’t usually feel like stopping.

Mat O Y.
Well, not much just try to forget everything and start by a subject you love and finish with a subject you love , maybe after you finish you can reward yourself 😉

Funke T.
My phone notifications are off so that reduces distraction. Because I work from home, I will let my family know mom is not to be disturbed and when they do distturb for any reason, I just ignore or remind them of our agreement while focused on my study.

Other times, I go to a location free from distractions. Or wait till midnight when the house is quiet.

If my mind seems to wander for any reason, I try to catch myself and refocus.

If I feel the need to take a break to enable me refocus, I do so by walking around, taking a snack or checking on an update.

Jacinta F.
Try to play music so I have something other to concentrate on to. Also music is good because I can’t hear anything else.

Tilde F.
Maybe that's naive, but Catcher in the Rye. I love the atmosphere of the book, it calms me down! Someday I'll read it in the original!

Russell Z.
i tend to put some relaxing music on, put my phone far away so i dont get distracted and reward myself after each small accomplishment. motivates to keep me going.

V Lson E.
I place myself in a location where I cannot get distracted. For example, I study in a place in the library were I am in a corner with the desktop screen on the wall, and it makes it harder for me to find people to talk to. I also will play music, either Hans Zimmer/movie soundtrack music or My Life is a Movie playlist on Spotify to be motivated.

Clover C.
I just put some music, study when I feel I am more connect and comfortable, I have notes and write what I have for the next day and do my homework with my favorite pencil or pen

Diya Z.
I love to study just for few hours but solid do that my mind will be fresh and the consistency of my study will be great too. Yet everytime somehow I get distracted by social media or some other works. This is how I continue my studies. Though there are few days when not even a single time I got distracted.

Eliseu Q.
It is extremely hard, try breathing techniques for a few minutes and then come back to study. I also try to get up and walk in the room to take breaks. It is not an easy task, I tend to get easily distracted so I divide the time for study in more smaller portions of time, it helps

Kenny U.
I use the Pomodoro technique, in which you study straight for 25 minutes and then take a 5 minute break. After the 4th Pomodoro, I take a 15-30 minute break.

I also like to use an app that will prevent me from using my phone and getting distracted. For this I am currently using the app called Forest. It locks your phone while you plant a digital tree, and you must stay off of your phone in order for the tree to grow. If you quit early, the tree will die. :[

Mahmoud E.
I'm a visual learner, and I'm easily distracted. Sitting at a desk with a book or paper with a lot of words on it bore and distracts me. I have to prepare to study. I use note cards. Class notes, highlights and questions from class I put on note cards. I trick my mind into thinking I'm spending less time studying. When actually I'm spending more time studying bc I had to gather the information, write it on note cards the read and study the note cards.

Giulliana G.
It is always easier to
Concentrate if you have a place that is order. So usually before start to study I put things in order!

I like to study in a desk, with a nice light, mild temperature and not a lot of distraction… classic music or a white noise helps me
to concentrate… to play a music in repeat makes wonders for me!

Every 60 minutes I like to stand up and walk a bit… move my ser and stretch my body for 5 minutes! I also have water and some fruits with me… study is hard work and my brain needs energy!

Lora A.
Uf this one is a tough one. I truthfully don't know. My therapist gave me a couple of pieces of advice. Instead of worrying you have to study and how much you have to study, you should remind yourself that you are wasting your time while thinking about it. So she suggested I count to 5 and just start studying, no overthinking, just 'jump' in it without thinking about it. If I see that my focus is wavering and that I just can't, she says it's ok to stop, rest, do whatever you need. If you studied only for a bit, you'll be at least a little bit happy with yourself that you tried. You know what they say, it's better to have tried for 2 or 15min as long as you know you did your best while doing so. Also try to focus on what you need to know. Literally ask yourself: what does my teacher want me to know, what will they ask, what is the basic system/idea/motion of the thing I'm learning? Then you may plan your studying better, or build onto the system you figured out more easily. Also my college professors are sometimes pretty angry with us students when we don't give example first and then explain theory based on that example. And it's one of the reason why I rage that our schooling systems generally suck. We have never been taught critical thinking which is the most important thing to aquire. I'm almost convinced it's for the purpose to make the wider population pliable, more docile, and manageable like sheep.

Samantha Z.
Is important to not choose multitasking. Is nice to have your space organized or in any way that makes you feel cozy and comfortable. For me listening to music or even a podcast helps a lot but if that distracts you , you might want to avoid that . Anyway before you study figure out the main purpose that you are doing it to keep you motivated and you are good to go ..!

Garance S.
I keep everything apart then I treat myself with coffee and keep one thing that is my back papers which have to be my first priority to complete it help me to stay more focused and concentrate on my studies

Nicole Q.
Honestly, I put study mediation music on low, find a quiet area with natural lighting and before I study the material, I jot down certain points and aspects of the material I need to get through for that time period so that I don't get distracted to more or other things.

Laxsana F.
I usually have spontaneous bursts of energy which motivates me to be productive so concentration naturally comes with it. Wii music helps to concentrate too I usually listen to it while studying for exams. Concentration is quite hard if your mind isn't settled, therefore try to eliminate any type of distractions which make you unable to concentrate. If your mind is not settled don't study nothing will go to your head. Calm yourself down and divide your work in sub units it helps too. Hope this helps

Ashkeet X.
Well I play some studying music form Spotify and have my favourite coffee to keep energised after that I play some mc as a reward. I also make a check list for all of my tasks

Tim Y.
I really struggle due to adhd and mental processing issues. I try to write down everything that doesn't make sense to me and everything that is important or hits home. I rewrite notes in a different way with colors and drawings to study notes

Maria N.
1. plan everything before you study – make a to-do list of what work is due and what to do on that day

To do list is powerful because its all laid down infront of you

Jennifer Z.
I turn off the tv and my phone. I put on instrumental music, usually classical or jazz. Sometimes Trance like Above and Beyond.
While I’m studying I always ask myself how does this apply to real life? I try to make connections to my experiences. It keeps me interested in the task at hand. When I’m interested I’m focused. More than that, the information I’m learning is no longer a bunch of facts to forget, it’s relevant, has context in my life, and I’m more likely to remember.

Valdemar N.
Research… what kind of food causes bloating. Menopause causes weight increase change in figure, be thankful for relative health, fitness

Claire Y.
Easily, I just set a plan for what i need to do. Then I sit down and remove everything that could disturb my concentration

Arron E.
I am the student of grade 8 and I study 1 hour and take 1 and a half hour break and if I do my homework in this time I always say it that I have studied

Izzie E.
I keep distractions away like mobile phones, close doors of my room to reduce noise and distraction from family. I set targets what to study and how much to finish and think what i can achieve by doing this.

Ryan Z.
By giving myself breaks, in the end the amount of time breaks take up ends up being less than the amount of time I would've spent getting distracted otherwise.

Keith R.
It's really different for everyone I think, although it's important to not be afraid to experiment with your studying, for example I myself for the longest time thought that music helped me study, but now for a few weeks I've studied without it and the study sessions went on a lot easier then with music, this is just an example, but you have to find out what type of enviroment suits you best, don't be afraid to experiment.

Tess N.
i tipically try to maintain my motivation high so that i actually want to study and don’t feel like i’m being forced into it, but i also try to keep my phone away or have some breakd in between my sessions!

Tracy Z.
For me, concentrate during the beginning is difficult. I will set small and achievable target Eg. How many pages/topics and force myself starting in progress. Also, plan and set your study goals for the day or the week but don't be too ambitious. Get friends to study together on the same topics and check on each other's understanding once done.
I will also put on loop timer with small break every hour to keep tract on my progress.

Sol Y.
I usually put my phone on Do Not Disturb and place it somewhere out of my eyesight so I’m not tempted to use it.
I’ve also found that any of the sessions under the Make Me Fabulous “Deep Work” section are also super helpful.

Frederikke C.
When I am succesfully concentrating I have goal I am working towards and I have a relatively clear view on how this will help me to be where I want to be later on. I need to be convinced I have a good reason to put time and effort in studying something

Ethan U.
Concentrating while studying is hard but if you want to concentrate, make sure that your mind is clear. Make sure to get everything off your mind before studying otherwise the overthinking boat will sail. To get things off your mind, maintain a diary and remember the fact that paper has more patience than people every time you write.

Lilly F.
Hmmm. Interesting question. I usually study a lot, and here are some tips.
1, Download a study app, I use study bunny.
2, Put your phone away.
3,Notice your distraction. If it's your phone, or any screen, put that screen away from sight.If it's your family,friends, or roommates, study in the morning, where no one is awake to disturb you.
4, Watch a study with me. I personally like study with me's which don't have music, so I can concentrate.
5, Perhaps ask someone to study with you. Seeing people study makes you want to study, and gives you movitation.
Hope this helps, Byeeeee!

Chiara Z.
This is my principal problem. I’ve been downloading apps to organize my time and to focus on my studying because I always get distracted by Instagram and tik tok. I’ve watched on YouTube some videos of this girl , Yoora, who is a university student and who shows her while studying in her videos. Watching her studying Neuroscience and taking so good marks made me want to really give my best because I really want to grow new ideas thanks to my study , and I want to make the difference. I don’t want to go to bed late because of my homework anymore. So today I’ve started using this app and with these new ideas I managed to anticipate some difficult homework and I’ve studied hard for the homework of tomorrow. I put a timer for each study session and I took little pauses. I removed the notifications from whatsap, Twitter,, Instagram and tik tok, (and youtube) and I didn’t have the tentation to go to see social medias

Mary G.
Set a goal in a short time and after that make a list something you will do next, do it again it makes you easily to make for your own way

D Nia E.
In my opinion, you can pick a quiet place to study, try not to be at your bedroom because it’ll make you feel sleepy. You can also listen to some calming music to focus. Try to keep your phone away from you as far as you can so you won’t get distracted.

Siti A.
I need my own space when i'm studying that means no one can disturb me when i'm studying amd usually i listen to a song and study early in the morning. The reason why did i love to study early in the morning because usually my siblings are still sleeping and my parent goes to work so no one gonna disturb me and i can study in peace

Paulo Z.
I have had and still do have issues with trying to concentrate while I study but there are a few things I have found that help me. One is if you live with other people especially your parents, study with your door open or study out in the room with your family to keep you more accountable. Second use a planner or planning app and set aside time to do your studying, if you use a app set up a reminder that notifies you at the time you planned. Third if you don’t need your phone to study leave it in the other room with any other distractions, keep the distractions as far away as possible to be as productive as possible. Lastly try using the pomodoro studying method, which integrates breaks into your studying along with other techniques. Also if you can, listen to some music like lofi hip hop or other focus aimed music to help keep you mind focused. Hope that helps! Have a great day and just keep studying .

Heimo B.
With soft and easy listening instrumental music. Most of the time I do a search on my music application for "Studying Piano Playlist" or in other occasions "Studying Binaural Music". Also I have practice some meditation so in the moments I loose my concentration/attention in what I'm studying I do some breathing exercises to focus back on my task.

Giada P.
Eliminate every distraction. Minimal desk. Only you, the book and a pencil. Study for half an hour then five minutes of break (coffee, stretching…) And repeat the study session.

Ph Ng G.
I often listen to the classical music when studying to avoid being distracted by other sounds. I am kind of easily-to-be-distracted person so I need something to get me back to my work. And music, in my case, helps me alot. I also divided my workload into phases to easily track down on it. So it is what I often do.

Bokuto S T.
I start by breathing and working out what I need to finish or add to and turn on some LED lights and some studying music