How do you concentrate while studying?

Nevena F.
I usually have a good concetration.
But, all devices off, brain on
That's our primary job so I try so hard and my future job is also my motivation.

Asami S.
I use a pomodoro timer when i study in my room. I use an app call Forest for that, you can plant trees and real life trees(if you pay the subscription). The fabulous app has a timer too if you set a duration. You can keep remote controllers for fan or air conditioner besides you.

Annweta C.
I prefer many things like having an app on my phone that will restrict my usage. As a result I will not be distracted. Secondly, less social media diversion,as I found it not that effective, creating a mindset. Thirdly,a place to study,where one feels comfortable,a good ambience will automatically create a mindset to study. Fourthly,try to say those things which you are reading,the brain reacts to the voice,and with due progress you can simply read them. And lastly,the concentration period,normally a brain cannot focus on certain things for a longer duration, one looses interest. So try to break the time. Try the pomodero session. 25 minutes reading and 5 mins break. One can concentrate for longer time with breaks.

Mat O Y.
Well, not much just try to forget everything and start by a subject you love and finish with a subject you love , maybe after you finish you can reward yourself 😉

Diya Z.
I love to study just for few hours but solid do that my mind will be fresh and the consistency of my study will be great too. Yet everytime somehow I get distracted by social media or some other works. This is how I continue my studies. Though there are few days when not even a single time I got distracted.

Maria N.
1. plan everything before you study – make a to-do list of what work is due and what to do on that day

To do list is powerful because its all laid down infront of you

Phoebe W.
Don’t study for an hour straight. I recommend studying for ten to fifteen minutes. Also to drink and eat healthy snacks such as nuts and fruit. Giving yourself a target or some questions may help. Some people find listening to music helps to hope this helps xx

Giada P.
Eliminate every distraction. Minimal desk. Only you, the book and a pencil. Study for half an hour then five minutes of break (coffee, stretching…) And repeat the study session.