How can we completely concentrate while studying?

Viviane C.
Turn off all distractions, and use noise-blocking headphones with some relaxing music, and put your shoes on. Apperantly studies shown that if you wear your shoes while working youll be more…i forgot the word..LOL! But it will help!
Dwayne Y.
The first thing to do to improve concentration is to prime your mind and set the stage in your favor.
1 Find a quiet setting and guard against distraction
2 Systematically relax through relaxation methods such as mindful breathing and meditation
3 set a timer so you don't drift or go off on tangents.
4 commit to one task and exclude all others until time is up
5 position your body for relaxed alertness
Wyatt O.
Believe it or not, I use classical music (or whatever music I don't find distracting, such as smooth jazz or yoga music) to focus. I read that music lights up certain parts of the brain that deal with concentration, productivity, and creativity. I also start out small, 10-15 minute sessions. This helps you build a habit and also doesn't overwhelm you. The small victories will motivate and train you to do longer sessions. Also, treat yourself to something healthy after each victory – a bubble bath, cup of hot tea, a walk or yoga, reading a favorite book (or, in my case, Japanese comics 😊), whatever self-care that lifts your mood and helps you recharge. And, most importantly, always be kind to yourself. I hope this helps! Good luck in your studies -Ganbare! (Japanese for 'You can do it!').

Love and peace to you,
Trace ❤

Zedeci Q.
You can completely concentrate while studying by going in a quite room without your phone and read and talk aloud. The main goal of studying is to remember the facts. If you read aloud and talk it out to yourself or another person or even your animal, you are more likely to remember it.
Vicki N.
Turn off all distractions, have everything you need with you! For example, pens, whiteout, pencils, highlighters, and maybe some ocassional snacks too!
Caterine G.
By getting rid of distractions and finding a quiet environment where the only thing thats there for you to do is your work. Turn off your phone and put it in another room, you can even play music that helos you focus or background sounds like rain, etc. Also study in blocks of 30 mins and then take 5-10 min breaks in between the blocks.
Batista O.
Turn off so distractions, especially my iPhone. Open the curtains to let in natural light. Create a good environment. Have water and my desk prepared with all of the things to hand that I need. If listening to music, make sure it’s clsssicsl instrumental music. Set a period of time for studying and a break. Set the timer and go!
Parcidio Z.
When we have the motivation, space and essential skills for it. Then only can we aim to channel out the stress and distractions through the app and completely concentrate on studying.
Michael J.
Mind over matter. Concentration is one of the most valuable values. Theres always is a monstrous amount of things happening. You must find your mecca always. Takes practice. Silence is the best way to concentrate.
Godofreda A.
Everybody is difficult. You have to find the best atmosphere for YOU.
I can concentrate while hearing music (but only music without lyrics or music in languages I don’t understand so I don’t sing and dance – I prefer Greek music because I’m learning Greek ^^) or when it’s completely silent. When I’m studying, I make my phone silent and put it with my laptop away from me, mostly I lay it on my bed. Sometimes I drink tea. And I always study on a table. NEVER in bed. Don’t do that mistake.
Sorry for any mistakes, I’m not a Native (I’m just learning British English at school)
Good luck!!
Genoveva C.
By blocking al potential distractions, by keeping my workspace tidy and by studying in a quite place
Alan A.
Keep away your phone, that's what makes you can't focus, make a timeline, and the important thing is don't be stressed. 🙂
Ryan J.
By removing distractions, decluttering our workspace and listening to white noise.
Sandra T.
To concentrate, since I also get distracted pretty easily, I like to play a no-talking ASMR video on the speakers at low volume. I choose the sounds which help me relax and play them in a loop. Having my room be dark with the lights on my desk only also helps me focus on what I'm studying, for the same principle behind the audience being in the dark during a performance in theaters. Last, I lock my door and get cozy with a hot tea or some water (depending on the weather) to complete the "study atmosphere".
Tess E.
I think it is important to develop concentration skills, that can be done through yoga or meditation or just trying to do something for a long period of time. The other thing that can help is find something that is really interesting to you. Ask questions and be curious
Ben T.
We can concentrate better when we visualise what we are reading, therefore we can correlate the subject with other things that really are meaningful for us and attribute new meanings for the subject we are learning and studying.
Jessie B.
When you decide to study block all distractions around you , turn off WiFi on your mobile and put it on silent mood , if you work on your laptop don't open any additional taps which may distract you.
I use a promadora style which means that you make an intensive study session for just 25 minutes & have a 5-minute break after it …I do this for 3 hours , then I take an hour for a break .Do whatever you want during your break but in your study time , don't think about anything else.
If your brain starts to pop up ideas from all over the world , keep a plan pages besides you or a notebook to write those ideas down.