How do you study for long periods of time?

Amelia O.
I need to use an app called forest That keeps my phone away from me while a tree grows. I need to keep my concentration.
Antonios O.
Meditate before I start, if I feel myself getting frustrated then I take 5 minutes to just sit and relax before I start again. Also, snacks.
Melaine Z.
Well first of all I recommend that you should take breaks in between so you wouldn’t feel so tired to study and don’t bring snacks or drinks to your desk. Hope this tricks will help you!
Shirlei Q.
Do it whenever you are free. It is better when there are no distractions like your phone, so you can focus. Try not to be tempted to use your phone all the time while studying otherwise it'll ruin the flow. Bonus; have an organized area to be more focused & productive.
Clyde J.
Have a comfortable study space, make it as you like, no distractions except if it is for studying, and do your best. You can do it! I believe in you!