What is the best tool you have learned for anxiety eating?

Jeffrey B.
I have learned to manage the anxiety eating by drinking water, keeping myself hydrated and relaxed. Exercising is also a good tool to handle it. Mostly the anxieties eatings come from spending a lot of time procasting or worries. A good bath can relax you. The central idea is to keep your mind occupied or relaxed.
Ella P.
One tool i have learned is surround myself with something i like instead of getting anxious. i surround myself with things such as talking to friends or family and listening to music or watch my favorite tv show
Valentina Z.
You need to focus on what are you doing and eating. Eat small pieces of food and chew well everything. And remember that when you are eating, no TVs, no cellphones, … And if you have meals in your house, it’s important to be with the family it moments like that and to talk about your day for them or whatever you want.