How do you stick with these habits for good?!

Lyna Z.
I think it’s about seeing some positive results of sticking with the habits that feed motivation. And you might be able to notice some subtle changes in the first 3-5 days already! For example, feeling more energetic as you’re drinking water in the morning and exercising.. the Fabulous app is designed to keep you motivated through highs and lows, and you get that sense of community, constant support – you’re not alone on this journey! And this is a journey for life 🙂 it’s about taking one step at a time! Living and focusing on just one single day at a time and celebrating your wins! You can do it!! 🥳

Clara Y.
You try to keep on practicing them daily and being kind with yourself when you don't because even from that you earn valuable experience on what helps you stick into them and what hinders you. Also aim for completion, especially in the beginning, and not for perfection. Trying to do them the best possible way may lead to decision fatigue and not actually performing the habit. And not doing it is definitely a lower outcome than actually doing it even not perfectly. After all with time and reflection you will see what you can improve and get better and better at it. I hope this helps!

Carlo G.
Be like a Truck! Don’t let anything get in your way to do them.

Follow the simple instructions given by the app. And something that really helped me was to find a unique way to celebrate at the end of every habit of my routine. And a bigger way to the entire routine.

My morning routine is going perfectly fine.

My afternoon has ups and downs.

And evenings are going well too.

Something to keep in mind is to don’t add to many habits at the same time or habits that will take too much of your time right from the start.

For exemple, my morning routine has 8 habits. But most of them are simple. Like drinking water, reading small motivational phrases to get me started, tidying the bed and celebrating. I still have some more demanding habits in the morning like reading and exercising but I grew into them after starting small.

My afternoons routine has jut 2 habits since I’m most of the time working or studying. So I know I can’t just add big habits without adjusting the schedule yet. I’m first growing into this two habits and then I’ll add more.

Evening has 4 habits. Most of them used to make me relax like meditation, and thinking about my to do’s. Or reflecting about what I did wrong and right that day.

You see that most of the habits like the app says have to start small. In my opinion small habits that take 5-10 minutes and maybe 1 or 2 habits that take no more than 20-30 minutes.