I am easily distracted by books, and by that, I mean it doesn’t take much to induce me to dive into a new one. Problem is, I often find myself reading (no joke) about a dozen or so books at once. Any tips for how to prioritize what I learn? And when to let go of or update old learning goals?

Le Ncio F.
Try keeping a journal with a different page for each book. After making notes for a few days on each individual book, decide which ones are the most beneficial at the time. Choose a limit on how many would be acceptable in order for you to have a balance in your daily agenda. Put the others away until you are ready to resume reading them. Maybe try starting off with 3 books and see how that works for you.
Altay O.
You should practice mindfullness. So you can keep focused on. Another thing is read about stuff you enjoy. That's how you learn the joy of reading and when you do, it will be easier for you to "live the book"