What are some useful study tips you utilize?

Ethel P.
I find it very useful to meditate for 15 minutes at the start of every study session. It helps with focusing the mind and clearing it of distractions.
Marie U.
I clean my desk first and then i began to bring my books that i need get rid of everything u dont needd like ur phone or something that is gonna distract u if i need to memorize the subject i just read the first five then do them without looking and another five and then all 10 and do this with everything and then repeat the whole thing if i dont understand the assignment or homework i look it up becaus u are more likely to remember then if u just wait untill class but if u cant find the answer then its okay
Orlani Q.
I use an exercise app that has intervals of low intensity, high intesity, and rest periods. During low intensity, I can listen to music, during high intensity, I turn the music off and focus only on my work, and then I take a break every so often so I don’t get burnt out.
Lia T.
Quieten your mind first. Look at the pen you're holding. Feel your body on the chair you're sitting on. Then simply focus on learning for the sake and joy of learning. Not on the outcome of an exam or a faraway career. And focus on one page then one sentence and then one word at a time. That's all you need to handle.
Fatima J.
Use index cards, write on one side a top is or a vocabulary words. On the back write out a note or a difinition of the vocabulary note. Always include the date and a number.
Highlight important words that stick out to you.
Take notes.
Review notes.
Go over the flash cards regularly. Index cards.
Read, write, recite, review.
Before reading scim through the material from front to back.
Create charts, try mapping out ideas.
Choose most important words, topic ideas, catorizing words together.