How do you celebrate without food? Enjoying sweets or snacks makes me fat.

Morgan Z.
You are not fat! You are beautiful! But if you REALLY want to know a few things to celebrate with, here’s a few I use:
Watch an episode of your favorite tv show
Take a nice long bath
Go on a walk/hike/bike ride/ any outdoor activity you enjoy!
Call a friend
Play some Minecraft (or any other game as you please)
Read a book
Go to the mall
Read another book
Watch some YouTube
Treat yourself to a nice dinner!
Color or doodle
Go smell candles at a store
Journal about your successes!
Hope this helps ❤️❤️
Mille W.
Are you sure about that, or is it that you're only eating snacks to celebrate too often? You could add other ways to celebrate into the mix – either by using the money you would on a food treat to get a cute trinket you've been eyeing or reward yourself with an experience you would enjoy, like playing a quick game on your phone or computer.
If you like animals, you could look at pictures of them too if that makes you happy!
But I think the most important thing when adding other celebrations is not to beat yourself up for liking and wanting a sweet snack. That's what sugar does – and sometimes the longer you try to "push through" that craving the more you end up eating when you can't anymore. If you want a cookie – just eat the dang cookie. Make sure you only have access to one tiny one
Louane Z.
I go to the gym and workout. I also dance to my music and I watch television, treating myself to something on amazon and I get myself pampered and I relax in my pajamas and sleep in and play on my phone/ tablet.
Gertraude U.
I believe Celebration has little to do with food. It’s a inner feeling; being content with oneself; laughing or jumping out of join because you just finished your longest run. We have attached this sense of happiness or celebration with things, but really just about you being content. If there is food to celebrate with great if not, remember that was just an add-on, the feeling of contentment and happiness is still there so celebrate!
Alice J.
For me, celebration is about the feeling of joy and gratitude. Just to sit still and to feel those feelings works perfectly for me, and an occasional jump of joy or a dance also works great
Dawn B.
Actually it's little hard for me yo celebrate without eating snacks and fast food… But , when I am in a diet , I choose for example going to cinema or watch or u can do anything else for example for the whole day after working hard for a week or 15days or go to a cafe and sit quitely with yourself reading a good book and think about ur purposes and goals or go to see a friend u hadn't been in touch with for a long time or make someone happy by buying him food or give them money or something like that actually the most thing makes me happy is to make other people happy ☺☺☺ So I wish I helped you with my advices
Daniel Z.
I like to pull out some different relax activities- putting on a really nice outfit and makeup, getting out all my cozy blankets, making some nice food, setting up a show to watch, or setting up a nice smelly bath and face mask.