How do you keep motivated? Sometime I just want to lay down and not move.

Salih F.
Mijn motivatie van de fabulous app is anders, ik wou weer routine in mijn hersen krijgen, zodat ik uit die luiheid kom, en heb meer energie en minder zin in luieren,
Zelf bewust voor slapen gaan luieren niet, maar vroeg opbed
Arzu X.
I know that feeling! Start small. Set small goals and see if you can build on that. Don't try and make many big changes all at the same time. Drinking water in the morning is one easy habit to form. Once you've started that, then see what else you can add 🙂
Alex S.
I feel tired often, too! Especially when I'm going through stressful situations or when I'm ill…. It's hard to stay motivated when other important things take up valuable real estate in my mind.
What I try to do is first realize I'm stressed and recognize the thing or things that are distracting me from my motivation or from reaching my goals.
Then I think about how important these things are, and how urgent they are.
If possible, I give myself the permission to put them on the back burner because I know I have to care for myself in order to be able to do anything else.
If they are urgent, then I give myself permission to do these other things, but I choose a clear time to refocus on myself.
Usually if I forgive myself, I find it easier to get refocused, I realize how great it feels to be motivated and focused on my tasks and habits, and I'm less likely to become disengaged in the future!
Good luck! ☘️💜
Eva A.
It’s hard to keep the motivation to study. I myself got so lazy and wasn’t motivated to do anything but to watch Netflix. Which is alright for a little amount of time. But you have to keep track. Get a calendar. Plan your day. For example, on Sunday morning, you can exercise at a certain time, you can study at a certain time and you can even watch Netflix at a certain time. By doing this, you get more motivated to achieving your goal for the day. You can also watch ted talks. They have a lot of videos which is very motivating
Alexa Z.
Uhm…. This kind of slips happen to everyone. I felt that way too many times to count.
What makes the difference is when your actions become habits. After that you'll need just a tiny bit of motivation.
Another thing you can do is doing grateful meditation. This will help you stay positive. Being in a good mood helps a lot.
Timmothy J.
I feel the same way sometimes but I imagine all the achievements I can get done and it makes me want to go on , I also do it for me and not for others
Graciane N.
I create an obligation for myself. Sometimes, I need to get up to meet a friend on time. Sometimes to feed a pet or water a plant. Sometimes to fulfill a larger goal. If you wake up for some purpose other than “the sun rose” or “my alarm went off”, it becomes easier. I wake up early most weekdays and that’s hard, I get exhausted and with the current weather I’m constantly cold. But because I wake up to do something meaningful to me, I can continue. Consider adding habits to your routine about finding purpose and focus.
Rachel P.
good question .i can relate to that and sometimes i do that
but not as much anymore .
i love this program it does motivate me .
i find im happiest when i do take care of myself .it motivates me to do more and i feel great .
so i ask myself what do i want to accomplish and check off what .ive done .
its motivating and simple and this program allows me to do this .
blessings to you and kept getting up no matter how many this we fall .it the getting up and doing to work .that what counts .xo