I would like to know some study tips. Do you know any?

Edna Z.
Work in small timeframes. I like 20 minute time frames. Set a timer an close all apps and other distractions while you work on only 1 thing for those 20 minutes. When the timer goes off. Stand up and do what ever you want for 5-10 minutes. It's good to set timer for this too. After the second timer has gone off. Sit back down and focus again for 20 minutes without distractions. I like to take a longer brake after the second 20 minute session to exercise.
Exercise is great for deeper focus. After a good exercise your mind is ready to sit back down and work hard. If you sit and work for long periods of time your body becomes anxious to move. Every position becomes uncomfortable and you are no longer focusing 100% on your work.
Another tip that I like is … if your mind isn't working today (happens to all of us sometimes) stop doing the work and do some other chores instead. Tidy up your study space and listen to good music. But don't skip the exercise part. Sometimes it's better to be productive in other ways than to struggle with some school/paper work.