Sometimes there is nothing to learn and study. Reading books for pleasure doesn’t count. What should I learn and study?

Sofia B.
Perhaps you could try learning a new language. It could be an interesting activity that would provide multiple benefits.
Deanna U.
Anything that interests you, such as your favorite city or place you’d like to visit. A new language or some tactics on your favorite games/shows/etc
Norma W.
Learn and study the things you like and passionate about.. This will make you satisfied at the same time learning something new… As well as information is limited to infinity no matter how much you learn there's still more
Liva P.
There is always something to learn and study, if you have acquired all there is to know about your field, you can always read and learn something new and unrelated, or touch up on your basics. Studies show that with you forget things you learned years ago, never hurts to revisit what you already know.
Oscar Y.
You're learning and studying until the day you die. If you think differently to that, then you've learned nothing.
Reading books , journals, papers and other such works, have been compiled for you to learn and glean something/anything for your brain to think about and maybe use in your conversation with others.
You are always learning and studying. Don't forget it and don't fight it. Pick up any book and get in stuck in. You may find a subject which will send you in a new direction, fill you with enthusiasm which you can pass on to others. Fantastic!
Const Ncio G.
I find doing learning a new language gives you something to constantly focus on studying and bettering yourself in, while giving you a feeling of achievement. Duolingo is a free app that has a lot of different language options. Maybe try that out for a week?
Nolan S.
I would highly recommend psychology books focusing upon developing long-term psychological health! This is in contrast to self-development books which often go through fads and trends, and may or may not be backed by scientific research and the work of counselors and clinicians. Specifically, books on cognitive behavior therapy will be beneficial for everyone that actively applies it to their thinking and life.
N Lio C.
Languages if you like to travel, new kind of sports and another life achieves, books to learn better about yourself, popular psychology)
Or Ncio W.
Even if there does not seem like there is anything you can learn or study, you might still be able to hone the skills you have acquired. Personally, I think that we are often downplaying the role that reading for pleasure has. It keeps us imaginatively involved, so long as we read actively.
If you really do not have anything in your agenda, then why not enjoy a nice read? And if you read for pleasure don’t just read passively, try to get involved in the text, try to discover possible routes the narrative or argument might take and consider if the claims made are really sound.
Other than that you can also increase your proficiency in your reading skills by trying to read a text quicker or focus on more words of the line you are in one glance to increase the amount of words you are able to comprehend when reading. This way, once you have more things to read and learn you might be even quicker in reading and writing down notes.

But after all, there is nothing wrong with just reading for pleasure once in a while 😊

Deann J.
I do believe reading to learn can be enjoyable. You should enjoy learning, like with reading Stephen Hawking or learning to read music or a nonfiction book about popular culture. Learning should be enjoyable.
Fortunato F.
Try picking up a new hobby, like landscaping or tennis. These kinds of things you actually have to study first. Or download Duolingo and learn a new language.
Adonilo Z.
Learning and studying doesn’t always mean (for me) reading books, getting into quantum physics etc. but so much more.
1. You can always start learning a language – multiple apps, YouTube videos, online courses. It improves memory, ability to focus, not to mention the obvious fact – it’s useful.
2. You can learn to cook, but with a twist – learn about the culture as well. Food means so much more than a fuel for our bodies. I’ve learned a lot about Asia by cooking – I’ve read the stories behind traditional dishes, why people choose to eat specific things, etc. It helped me to understand culture of many Asian countries better.
3. Study the world. Watch the news, read about current events, check out different media outlets; form opinions on various matters. Try to understand the dynamics of local/national/international politics. If everyone did this it would be a lot harder to spread fake news, because people would be more reasonable, less chaotic and better informed.
Philip Y.
Currently, I must increase my attention, learning and studying time towards my life coach courses I bought online. I purchased the main course and other niche courses to help me get a head start on life coach material I will also learn once enrolled in formal life coach school in October. My niche courses which include NLP, group, transformation, goal setting, life purpose, happiness, and art therapy coaching will help me grow and become a well rounded life coach. This week I will add four hours of effective study time and strategies to the existing five.
This is vital to not only my personal growth but towards my goal of becoming an accredited IFC/certified master life coach & working to help others transform themselves and their lives. I wholeheartedly want myself and others to live uplifted quality lives through changing thoughts, habits, and behaviors that have hindered us from living our best lives. This is why I need to learn and study my craft!
Rene P.
Sign up to a mailing list that covers topics that you have an interest in and they will send you an email with an already curated list of articles that you might enjoy. You can sign up to a daily, weekly or monthly subscription depending on your capacity, and I find that this encourages me to read (and therefore learn) about something I wouldn’t have looked for on my own.
Lilian P.
You can learn and study any thing that you are interested in (not just for academic purposes ). Any thing new could work for example if you are reading about Taitanic and you found a new information so you have learned something .Even if you are searching to improve your hobbies it is a type of learning . You can also listen to a podcast . Sorry if my English wasn’t clear , have a good day.🌻💕
Sara E.
Firstly: Study and Learning should be a pleasure, if not you end up not doing it. Choose another subject that you enjoy learning or change your method. Secondly, to find a topic I recommend eg 80000hours from some Oxford guys. Work through it. If that's not your thing maybe start with something you do just for pleasure (reading a novel) and pick some topics out of the story that seem worth going into that rabbit hole…but in general I guess you need to build a learning plan of sorts. 80000hours helps to build a framework for that.