What makes your exercise routine fun?

Yanis Q.
Doing it early in the morning. Being full of joy as i am excercising. Knowing i am congruent with my goal that i set. The best part is the dividend it pays me throughout the day. I feel different all day as a result.
Karla W.
I love listening to upbeat and happy music. I also like to include my animals in my exercises- like going for a hike with my dogs or doing yoga so that I can improve my riding skills. I like to see results (although I’m sort of stuck without much improvement over the last few months..) but I like the feeling of accomplishment after a workout even better than results.
Julia Z.
What makes my excercise routine fun is the reading books part. I am now obsessed with reading books. When I come back from college I do my homework quickly and start reading. Thank you so much for making me fabulous
Jen C.
Exercise routines are more fun when they aren’t … routine that is. I like to vary what I do- walk, jog, play ball, bike and workout. The more variety I can put into it, the more fun it is. I think that’s why I enjoyed Crossfit so much when I was doing that. (Which I will do again.)
Antoine Y.
I like a lot about my exercise routine. My routine starts with picking what I’m going to wear, usually leggings and a tank top. On days when I’ll be wearing them longer, I pick my most comfortable or cutest items. I work out at the bar method so socks are also required; on hot days (or with teachers who don’t use the fans much) I wear my thinner socks or open-top socks. I also have about a dozen pairs to choose from so that’s fun sometimes too because they’re all different. Finally, aside from loving the workout (I love it so much that I became a teacher) I get to see other people who want to be there and also work out and people who have health issues and conditions just like I do and we vent about it and laugh and keep going. Truthfully, though, the one thing that keeps me going is that I love the workout. I’ve done yoga, I’ve had gym memberships, I have a bike (stationary and regular), we had a bowflex, and I stuck with none of it. I love doing the bar method and that’s what helps me be consistent.
Brandon T.
Dancing is something I enjoy… So I just put some good music and dance.. It's something I like so it doesn't feel like a chore
Emily G.
I just do whatever comes to mind. Do I want to jog in place? Play an active game? Practice a sport? Whatever comes to me first, that’s what I’ll do.
C Ndida S.
If its something that feels mindless. Like I need to do it to destress. I want to do it to feel better. I dont feel obligated I just feel this enate need to start and enjoy this exercise. It relaxes me while also challenges me and gets me to swear out my emotions and stress
Bedete Z.
I like to walk which can get a little boring or bland if you’re walking the same route or on a treadmill everyday. So I like to make fun playlists and listen to different songs everyday while I walk. I also like to walk with my mom or dad so I have someone to talk to and it breaks up the monotony. But I try not to depend too much on someone else for an exercise partner. I find I do better when I’m self motivated because usually if they slack off so do I. So I have to keep myself motivated to do it rather I have someone with me or not.
C Ndida E.
Listening to my body!!
Honestly listening to my body was one of the best decisions that i’ve made and it really made exercising so much fun to me and what i mean by it is that i see what i’m feeling like that day and i do it whether its a hard workout or a short and sweet one or just walking, dancing, stretching or even if i’m not tired and not feeling like it i’d take a break! It’s the only way that made me so consistent with working out💪🏼💗💗!.
Christine X.
I do yoga and walk. The yoga gives me connection to myself and to some terrific people. The walks give me a chance to be outdoors and enjoy nature 🙂
Clotildes Q.
Exercise is fun when I can focus solemnly on it. When I can let go of all thoughts and let loose body and mind. Exercise is fun when I feel like I accomplish stuff. When I feel I’m being able rather than disabled. It is also fun when I get tingling rushing sensation through my body.
L Lian I.
Listening to music, TV or a podcast. Doing it with friends. Keeping in mind who you'll be when you've got the habit and who you want to be. Doing exercises I enjoy – try lots of different ones and choose about 6-10 for each type of workout that you like and then pick however many you need for each routine out of a hat. A reward at the end. Make it into a fun scenario in your head where it's a competition or a game and you're doing really well.
Evelyne F.
It took a while to find something I really love. Walking is nice, but in winter it’s hard for me to be consistent with that, because we have so much cold, wet weather. Dancing online was the answer for me. It’s so much fun – I play Just Dance on the World Dance Floor every day. I can dance in my living room with people around the world, and it’s actually hard to log off, because it’s competitive and fun.
Nino O.
My exercise starts with me dancing to a joyous song. It is a terrific way to start the day. It doesn’t feel like exercise. It feels like a celebration of life.
Sara W.
I go for a daily run around the block. I put music and i tell myself that i can run for 5 minutes and return whenever i want. This lowers the barrier of going out for that run. I have end up enjoying it and running more than im expecting.
Jonathan N.
I find music , especially music timed to the effort needed for the different types of exercise , is very helpful in each different mode of exercise.
Philip S.
I planned 3 different routines that I like and take less than 10 minutes to complete: yoga, radio taiso and dancing. Each morning I pick the one that best fits my mood, so the task is never boring.
Gabin Q.
I try to do different exercises depending how I feel at morning, so they are not to difficult in hard days and energizing in good ones.
Est V O Z.
What makes my exercise routine fun is the music!!! I always listen tu music when exercise and it works because I am more active! (I suggest Panic! at the disco songs)
Erwan Q.
What makes my exercise routine fun? Actually is just having fun doing it. And knowing that each step each exercise is taking me to a higher level. making
me improve as a person. But the must important
part is just having fun doing it and never giving up.
Valentine E.
I wouldn’t call it a routine as I’ve chosen dancing as a type of exercising. Favorite music makes each morning fun and energetic as I prefer vibrant music that resonates with my mood. It’s even better when music is taken from favorite movies which bring bright joyous associations to your mind. Just enjoy the moment and imagine yourself a part of the dance crew.
Roger B.
I always make new playlists using Spotify and ensure that it contains lots of upbeat motivating music! Another way to make exercise fun is simply to do it with someone else. They can keep you going and the time goes by quicker.
Mae T.
Sometimes it’s not and you you do it for the discipline. But for me, it’s a lot of fun to compete against myself, trying to improve my time on an interval. It’s fun to just set aside the cares of the day and focus on the moment and what I’m doing now.
Jeppe P.
The right playlist makes every workout better. I try to use very upbeat, fast, joyful songs to start my day with exercise.
Marion N.
The equipment you use. Get comfy clothes. Shoes. Nice soaps for the shower after. Share you workouts online in and group. Prep for it and enjoy it just like you would a nice meal.
Evan S.
I vision my future self, not struggling like I currently am. I lack flexibility and have constant pain so i decided to take things seriously. I also dont push myself or beat myself up if i dont exercise accordingly. So i try to watch youtube vids, great a nice space to work out. Im doing flexibility stretches so its a 2-in-1 one, for my body and my mind. I would describe fun as something that makes me happy and I enjoy, and right now thats what exercising does for me
Maren Q.
I’m struggling with my exercise routine more than anything right now. When I do find joy in it, it’s the pleasure of being outdoors.