What kind of exercise do you recommend after sitting too long on a chair?

Eddie B.
My go to breakfast option is peanut butter on three whole wheat multigrain bread. Very filling and gives me energy till about lunchtime.

For lunch, you can never go wrong with beans; pair it with steamed cabbage and boom! Healthy and low calorie

Lee J.
The most simplest thing to do is to stand up, stretch, and/or walk around and maybe get a cup of water or tea. You can also go to the nearest window to look outside and relax your eyes.
Laura W.
You see, I downloaded an app that helps me lose belly fat if you want the app just search for "lose belly fat in 30 days" I have been trying to wake up so I have time to do the stuff but sometimes I can't because I get up at 6 and make my family breakfast and my family is picky so they need alot for their breakfast but I do end up working out because I go to the gym after Im done with the stuff I have to use