What is your “perfect” breakfast meal?

Emeline Y.
My perfect beakfast meal is the easiest one: milk and muesli or any kind of low sugar cereals. It is easy to prepare, cheap, delicious and healty . Hope i helped you ;*
Curtis Y.
I love scrambled eggs with avocado and two toasts. I also love English breakfast but in lighter and vegetarian version too. It keeps me going for 3 to 4 hours .
Nathan Z.
My perfect breakfast meal is most likely a bowl of Greek yogurt with muesli or granola and some sort of fresh berry mixed in. Or a small ramekin with two slices of bacon lining it and two eggs in the middle topped with shredded cheese, baked at 350°F for 20-30 minutes.
Avery P.
A perfect breakfast for me is a mixture of fruit and vegetables smoothie. I have tried eating heavy meals in the morning as I was told to do when I was younger. But it never did feel good afterwards.
Zoey F.
Protein and veggies. Whether is a omelette, fratada or smoke salmon with veggies mixed in a little reboot. Gives me energy and keeps me full until lunch. This is especially important since my job doesn't allow for consistent small meals a day.
Danny S.
I like mixing things up, so I don’t have a perfect breakfast. But it should always have fruit, whole grain carbs and protein
Avery T.
Well, basically it's scrambled eggs with sausages in tacos, real tortilla tacos of course; with a soy milk power shake that includes nuts, almonds and a banana
Lea C.
My favourite breakfast is one rhat i do mot have very often. It is caribbean fried dumplings, plantain, eggs, baked beans and other goodies. My next favourite which i eat often is porridge oats, make with water a little salt, chia seeds, linseed and cinnamon with a little non dairy milk
Oliver F.
Israeli salad, (diced cucumbers, tomatoes, scallion, olive oil, lemon, salt pep) one poached egg, humus and tahini (perfect protein) water
Mya Q.
Well, eggs in any version is my best type of breakfast. I also use some veggies with . That fills me with energy and keeps a longer time before I get hungry again.
Karla P.
I like if the table is filled with different meals and everyone can choose for there heart. It's hard to prepare so much but it feels nice 🙂
Marilyn E.
For the health benefits I like steel cut oats with a serving of chia seeds, flexSeeds, and super seed & ancient grain blend(Trader Joes). I add a little local honey, maple syrup, or brown sugar for sweetness. Top it off with a cup of green tea.
Mabel S.
Well I enjoy many different types of breakfasts… sometimes I would love to have a fried egg or omelette , usually when there is egg, smashed avocados with a pinch of salt and pepper is a must. A nice big cup of cafe au lait or tea is always there. I would love to have fruits. In Iran the typical breakfast is cheese on bread I would love that with walnuts and watermelon. For mornings that I’m in a rush, I prefer to have granola with yogurt and fresh fruits. I’ve recently started to prepare enough granola for a week or so at home. I simply mix oatmeal with as much nuts I like, with coconut or any other healthy oil and honey, put them in 300F preheat oven for 10 mins, let it dry and keep the granola in jars.
Adrian Z.
My perfect breakfast is probably beetroot smoothie. I add in a lot of fruits and veggies that it just fills me plus giving me satisfaction.
Benjamin G.
I like 2 eggs omelette with grated cheese and tomatoes. I add herbs and curry to it and have it with a big decaf coffee latte with almond milk. I sometimes switch to oat meal if i an having breakfast too early
Lvia Z.
I’ll either have a breakfast smoothie with Banana, blueberries, oats, almond milk and pea protein or a bowl of toasted muesli with almond milk and banana
Sebastian U.
My perfect breakfast meal would be some waffles with butter and maple syrup, and a cup of mocha latte, with some fruits on the side
Jaque P.
Oatmeal sweetened with cinnamon, with organic blueberries added. Sometimes I add a couple of tablespoons of plain yogurt to make it more creamy
Albert W.
My perfect breakfast meal is something that is fairly big and will give me a lot of energy throughout my day and not leave me hungry.
Armando S.
Usually something worth the time/money investment of acquiring it or putting it together. These days, at least on weekdays that’s usually just oatmeal or some bars of some sort with a fruit and/or a boiled egg.
Victor N.
My perfect breakfast meal is a strawberry milkshake made with sugar-free almond milk, 3 egg whites with some slices of ham, and a small bowl of fruit with granola and honey to have energy.
La Rcio Q.
I do slowjuicing every morning, for the last 2 years or so. I use 4/5 leaves of celery, a bit of ginger, 2 carrots and an extra vegetable that variates everyday. I also put in 2 scoops (10 gram) of chia seeds for fiber and omega-3 properties. I first grind my chia seeds in a coffee grinder, I’ve read a study that if you don’t the seeds, the omega-3 inside the seed doesn’t enter your body, and that would be a waste. It’s like 15 seconds extra effort so no biggy.
I started juicing after I saw the documentary on netflix “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” honestly changed my life. I don’t like vegetables, and get all my daily veggies in the morning. You can add fruit too, I just don’t handle the sugar in fruits well, so I skip that. But please put fruits in it if you can 🙂 makes it delicious!
Izolina Q.
Overnight oats with nuts & fresh blueberries- it's easy to grab first thing in the morning & holds me over easily until lunch.
Vivan Q.
Well it depends what’s going on! Sometimes porridge is the perfect meal—hearty and filling and warm. I eat porridge almost year-round. As a special treat I like a bacon and egg roll, but I try to limit those occasions, although I think if it make it myself it is healthier than a bought one. Sometimes I have dinner leftovers for breakfast, especially if I’m going to have a big day and I want something substantial in my stomach. Last week I had Mac and cheese on Friday, and it was darn good. So perfect breakfast depends on what is going on, sometimes the season, sometimes what’s available, and sometimes if I’m in a hurry and just need to grab something!
Sofia C.
I’ve asked a similar question myself! I’m not a great breakfast eater, but here’s what I look for. I want something I can bring to work with me and that has protein. Low glycemic fruits with some peanut butter, oatmeal, a protein bar work well for that. Also almonds! I hope this is helpful!
Salvatore F.
I love this question! I'm a big fan of eggs in the morning. I like to start by cutting up a sausage link and frying that in the smallest pan I have with olive oil. Then I add a little pico de gallo salsa for brightness and immediately pour in 2 or 3 scrambled eggs. I let that sit until it's a little omelette (you can also scramble it!) And then top with more pico and some cheese. If you're not into cheese or meat, then use spinach and top your omelette with brown mustard and apple butter. Nope, not kidding. It's my secret recipe. Apple Butter On Everything. And the spice of the mustard balances it perfectly!!

The whole thing should take less than 10 minutes, including cleaning as you go 🙂 this recipe makes 1 breakfast.


Emma Z.
Oatmeal with chiaseeds and wallnuts. Topped with mashed one banan and oatmilk. If I feel fancy I will add some fresh berries on to as well!
Catherine O.
My perfect breakfast is as follows: fried egg on toast, milk, juice, mixed nuts and honey, fruit yogurt, and hot tea.
Selmaan A. Ali
Valentina F.
Vegan milk with oatmeal, fresh fruit like banana, apple or blueberries and almond, goji berries and nuts. A large cup of coffee or green the
Nick J.
Right now I am eating waffles because of my nutrition plan but my perfect breakfast would be huevos rancheros and maybe some fruit and orange juice. I like this breakfast because it reminds me of my homewtown.
Ron Z.
I like something hearty and filling that will keep me full and focused for a few hours. Eggs, bacon and toast is my go-to on the weekends when I have more time to cook (the bacon), but during the week it's usually just some eggs and fruit. Quick, tasty, nutritious.
Ma Lys C.
For me a perfect breakfast usually will be an oatmeal with some fruit on it many times I will eat like eggs and some toast and some fruit on the side is always good
Priscilla S.
A whole wheat bread with a cooked egg mixed with light mayo plus a latte has kept me pretty full during morning. Also it’s delicious. I feel full so I try to eat fruits mid morning, since I have breakfast before 7am.
Hildegart J.
Super Star: Pancakes, Cream of Wheat, Hash Browns, Fried Egg
Sausage links or Bacon, Coffee, OJ, & Milk/ Mimosa with vase full of daffodil flowers in the center of the table, which had a neutral tone table cloth in a clean home or well maintained property with pleasant ambiance.
Tristan P.
My perfect breakfast is a homemade smoothie!! Spinach, banana, blue berries, flax seed, chia seed, kefir, and some oatmeal all blended well!! It makes me feel amazing!!!!
Lila Q.
Smoked salmon. I like to either have it with toast and butter or if I'm really hungry I will also have a peanut butter sandwich and milk. Good for lasting energy
Frederikke P.
Perfect breakfast meal for me is the one that includes both and salted food. I really enjoy breakfast in Finland when we’re at our summer cottage. I always have an oat based kind of jogurt (sweet) and a couple of sandwiches made of a dark and dry bread (like cracker almost) with a slice of cheese, ham and tomato on top.
Silas N.
My perfect breakfast should be sweet and long. When I lived with my parents, we used to make pancakes on weekends. What can be better than pancakes with condensed milk and coffee?
Lucas N.
Good morning. I prepare my breakfast on my own. It consists in 2 t/s oatmeal, 1 t/s olive oil and 2 tea spoons seeds. I add boiled water and wait for 5 minutes. After I eat my breakfast slowly.
Lucas F.
Perfect breakfast for me involves whole grain carbs with fruits like strawberry, blueberry, avocado and banana.
If Im having an oatmel, adding chia and fennel seeds are a great addition. Also, sprinkling some nuts high in healthy oils such as walnuts or almonds adds some extra crunch making it perfect!