What is the time slot during which you practice deep work?

Diana Z.
I do a bit about 7:30 – 8:00am, and then my days are really varied so I have no solid time slot after that. I do try to stick to mornings though, when I'm least tired.
Marian O.
I usually do mine in the morning. Not only is it important to find what time works best for you, but also to do it when you prefer. I am a morning person so I do mine then because I have more focus to get things done
Ralph Z.
Usually in the afternoon. My mind starts to wander around 3pm, so I put some music on (instrumental, so the lyrics don’t distract me) and I focus on one project for 25 minutes. Any distractions are noted, but I do not allow them to shift me from my focussed work.
Ottomar M.
I used to do this in the morning but between my morning ritual and getting the kids day started I moved it to the afternoon ritual. For me this is the best time to accomplish projects because my oldest boy is at school and my youngest boy is down for his nap.
Josiane S.
It’s not the permanently same setup time…it’s different, depends on concreate day agenda. Usually I need the time slot, when I feel refreshed, and no meetings are expected in the closed time.
Hilda S.
I am a lark so I'm up rather early. Once I arrive at work and prioritize my actions, I conduct a deep work session and then work pomodoro from there.