What habbits should I use for my deep work?

Hansgeorg J.
There is a habit in this app called 'deepwork', you van add this in your routine and when you open it, it will show you different ways to perform it. I make sure i get rid of all distractions, then i decide on what task i Will do and then Just start, often with music in my ears that help me focus.

Antonio J.
Remove distractions, put on a nice frequency which will help you focus (full body healing frequency, concentration frequency) and take breaks every few hours to give your brain a rest.

Crystal C.
The most pressing matter or action that is bothering u regarding your personal growth or productivity.
U will always do what's important for ur career, but we rarely take out time to do work pertaining to our personal growth. Let these 25mins in the afternoon be that time

Almiro Z.
I like to have a playlist and a defined task that I can complete or have a concrete milestone I can reach I the allotted time.

Alyssa E.
When you click on the “deep work” entry and scroll down there are some items you can listen to inspire and guide the deep work session. Lighting a candle is part of my daily routine right before a deep work or deep cleaning session. Even a flickering small battery tealight works. A minute stretching session really helps too. The trick for me is to make it a short string of ritual that takes less than a minute and prepares my mind to turn the corner to deep work. Usually I make sure I’ve eaten something or have a good beverage in front of me, have already decided my top 3 things for the day and adjusted and committed to my todo list, lit a candle, stretched, and am doing some deep breathing right before I start. Good luck!