How do you make sure you start your deep work session on time?

Ethan Y.
Best way is to stay prepared. Its important that you are fully available at the time of deep work, so I think planning before and being ready is the key
Bruce C.
I never really thought about it. I think I just tell myself that I have to go through 25 minutes and then I get a reward at the end. However, things changed when I started thinking about what I really loved in the work I was doing. I then forgot to count my 25 minutes and went passed it. I'm still struggling with other courses that I'm not passioned about. I still have more effort to do, can anyone help me ?
Isobel E.
Ha! I have it so that it just gets fit in based on my day to day schedule. I haven’t been able to be consistent in the time just on doing the activity.
Anna E.
I start my deep work session on time by not restricting the session to a particular time but by ensuring the session is completed at the end of the day.