What do you listen to during deep work?

Walter F.
Either total silence or ambient sound. Sometimes I listen to yoga meditation music if the task requires less concentration.

Kevin P.
It depends. When I'm focusing on getting the house just that little bit more clean, I listen to songs I can sing along to, that make me want to shimmy and dance. When I'm sitting down and writing a story, I listen to sounds that invoke the imagery I am trying to convey. But, if I am using that time for self-care, I don't listen to anything but rain sounds, if I listen to anything at all.

Perry Z.
I personally listen to punk rock, metal, music I'm familiar with, to start my work, halfway through, I stop it ( I don't know how and when this happens) and just have my headphones on, to cancel out the environment.

Maril Ia I.
Although I realize it is helpful to listen to music while doing deep work, personally I need to focus and decrease any distractions. So I tend to do my deep work in silence and hopefully with a little distractions. I don’t answer phone calls I don’t check emails I just focus on the work that is to be done using the Eisenhower principle or what commonly known as the 8020 rule.

Leo C.
Depending on my mood and what I'm doing, I'll either listen to something upbeat but in another language or slow, chill ambient music. I like listening to music in a different language because I'm less likely to be distracted by lyrics and can just enjoy the beat and vocal tones. If I listen to a 'chill playlist' I usually have the volume quiet enough to not be distracting but enough to still allow for ambient enjoyment.

Shaun Q.
Music! Anything—especially things I haven’t heard before. Maybe it’s fake but I feel like it’s opening new pathways that way.

R Mi T.
It is a tough question as people find focus in different types of music of their choice. My favourite is Pink Floyd, Enigma, Clean music (sounds of nature), sometimes even EDM/ Trance music. As you can see none of my choices are related because when I am painting/ writing a poem or, short story Clean music helps me a lot to be in focus. Other technical types of work (working on a computer) for a project/ analytics, etc. need Enigma and Pink Floyd. Whenever I want to create something new and needs brain stimulus Trance/ EDM keeps me prepped for surprises.

Silje F.
Sounds of nature and/or instrumental music. I convert music I like from youtube (search for relaxation, meditation music…) in music file (online converter). And play music I feel that is making me relaxed.

Kurt X.
Pretty much one of three things:
1) Video game music, but softly. It was designed to help us focus and play video games for hours on end, why not let it help me focus on my work?
2) Chopin or classical. No words but my brain knows it. I don’t have to learn how it goes OT put any brain power to learning the qords or singing along. Good for if there is noise going on outside.
3) nothing. Just conpl the silence.

Odete Y.
Sometimes I listen to the timer of Fab’s deep work, but more often I don’t listen to anything because I find I’m so absorbed that I don’t hear it anyway.