What do you think is the best way to stretch out your back and lower back?

Chi F.
A foam roller really gets every nook and cranny (highly recommend). Place on shoulder then relax your body while pushing with your feet and you will hear satisfying cracks from every part of your back

Jenny Y.
I find child’s pose is the best for my lower back pain. In the morning I like to stretch my back by sitting forward in a chair, spread my legs and grab the back of my ankles.

Nick U.
Use a foam roll or a rolled up towel and put it under the middle of your back on the floor. Raise your knees up and fold your arms raising them above your head. Move towel to different points on back.

Katherine F.
If you can afford a yoga wheel: buy one and use that. If you can't, find a wall and stand arms-length away from it, putting your hands on the wall at about shoulder height. Start to bend at the hips with your hands at the wall until you feel the stretch at the part of your back that you want. You'll be able to adjust and feel your way around if you need more release in your shoulders or lower back. I think it's called a Wall Dog in yoga.

Clarisse O.
Touch your toes, bend down as far as you can with your knees bent and roll up one vertebra at a time. Lay down on your back and twist your legs to one side and then another. Make sure you're breathing deeply.

Madi I.
one way is to lay down on your stomach and try to get your foot as i front as you as possible or like back bends or backhandspring.

Gabriel F.
I stretch out my back in the morning by stretching my hands to the sky and slowly leaning forward, and then pushing my hands out as far at they go. Sometimes i lean backwards too, and spread my arms out wide. for my lower back, i lay on the floor, turn sideways, and bring my knee to my chest (I do this on both sides).

Mikaela Y.
This one is my favorite, but you need to incorporate really deep breathing: https://www.yogabasics.com/asana/knee-down-twist/

Start off slowly and make sure your hand is in the crevice od your knew

Bob O.
Twists on a long roller and child pose. Train the lower abs and address any tightness around the hips to prevent injuring it/ straining it.

Deborah W.
There are several muscles that affect your back and lower back. I personally do a hamstring stretch, hip flexor stretch, piriformis stretch, and the prayer stretch. It also helps to stretch your calves. You can google all of those to see what they look like.

Lindzi T.
Yoga. Try a couple sun salutes to stretch and warm up your lower back. You can also lay on the floor and pull one leg opposite/ over the other , and look away from that leg kind of like a bind on the floor. Breath through it for at least 45 sec. HOPE THSI HELPS

Jessy V.
Child pose is a very nice stretch for your lower back..sit on you knees..bend fore over..let your chest rest on your chest with your head on the floor..your arms can be placed next to your legs, or for a stretch of the shoulders stretch them in front of you with the handpalms facing the ceiling..