What do you eat if you prefer a high-protein breakfast but you are in a hurry?

Ellen O.
Scrambled eggs take 2 minutes to make, but are full of nutrients and protein. You can serve it with ham or other types of no cooking needed meat for a boost of protein 🙂
Eden C.
I’m not the healthiest eater honestly, but I would make myself a bagel with grapes, blueberries, lettuce and cream cheese with a pealed apple on the side.
Amelia Q.
A granola bar. It is the quickest thing and also doesn’t hurt my stomach, but however it is not filling and I suffer the consequences a few hours later.
Mar A W.
I prepare for myself greek yogurt with fruit and a coffee. Creo que darme tiempo a mi misma es lo más bonito y lo que más disfruto hacer. Me encanta darme el amor y el cuidado.
Claire F.
i know that some brands make cups that kinda look like the Kraft Mac and Cheese microwave cups and instead put a high protein dry mix that you add water/milk to , putting it in the microwave and it will make a muffin. If you prefer something with eggs I recommend getting a “Just Crack an Egg” cup with ingredients like potatoes bacon, sausage, cheese and so on, but just putting one of your eggs (not included) into the cup and microwaving it. I know brands like Jimmy Dean make something like that as well. Or you could simply just get some protein powder and add it into a smoothie! I hope this somewhat helps
Isabella Y.
I usually grab a protein bar or shake or do microwave eggs. Super easy to mix in a mug and then pop in the microwave for 2 min while I do something else.
Camilla V.
I would just go with such a classic but still one of my favourite ideas which is overnight oats! My favourite combo is: oats, oat milk, a spoonful of cacao powder, chia seeds and peanut butter all of this topped with whatever fruit I have at home!
Matina N.
I'm not an expert however I'd say a turkey sandwich some nuts or overnight oats. They really take like no time at all. Also a smoothie with almond milk, a handful of oats, a tablespoon of a nut butter and some Greek yogurt or protein powder, with a handful of greens, such as spinach or kale is very healthy and I'd say pretty quick to make also
Cecilia S.
Hard boil eggs a couple days before! Also any whole food! fruits and veggies have more protein then they’re given credit for, grab a banana!
Mariana F.
I like to put some granola in a greek yogurt. That way I get the protein and fats I need to sustain energy throughout the morning while still getting the same crunch a cereal would give me.