What do you do right before you close your eyes and try to sleep?

Emma Q.
Say a quick prayer to protect my family but if you're not religious i would suggest maybe thinging of one thing that changed your day for the better or one stranger who showed you kindness today. I hope this helps 🙂
Cameron Z.
I haven’t even thought 💭 about it WOW 🤩 usually I’m so loco 😜 Or tired by the time sleep comes around that I never really thought 💭 about it. Music 🎶 is playin’ a lot of the time I go to sleep 💤 kinda like a nightlight.
Christian C.
After taking my meds and ensuring I'm ready for morning, I meditate 5-10 minutes. Checks me back in with now and not the craziness of the world.
Noor N.
I Am Spending My Time Following The News Of The Social Media , Some Times I Play A Sleep Music To help Me getting Relax .
Micaela T.
When it’s been a long day sometimes I don’t remember falling asleep. Otherwise I’m watching tv or playing a game on my phone right before I drift off.