What do you do during your deep work time?

Dustin T.
So far I’m reading and rereading miracle morning, think rich, secret.
Slowly building my confidence and plan.
Still have yet to START!!
Raymond O.
It can change from day to day, sometimes it’s taking research notes, sometimes it’s doing my taxes, but normally it’s a skill I’d like to refine. You can pick something creative like painting or playing an instrument or something practical like learning a language or studying.
Andrea U.
I am an English professor, so I actually use my deep work time to do work that’s part of my job but takes a lot of focus (at least for me), like designing (and attempting to improve) courses and lesson sequences, and grading (and attempting to provide useful feedback on) papers.
Alexandre T.
I am writing my PhD thesis. I’m trying to focus what I’m doing currently. I’m reading bibliography, adding some interesting thoughts. If I come up with some new ideas concerning my work I’m writing them down.
Rhonda U.
I spend my time working, studying or completing an assignment. I suffer with ADHD because i am very easily distracted and i am unable to simply sit down and focus for a long period of time. Generally i take a few minutes to actually even get into it before i am zoned in and the moment i am distracted, i lost all focus and sometimes it never returns. Using the app has started to help me slighty because it only requires my focus to last for a reasonable 25min and this is usually as long as my concentration tends to last before it breaks and i need a break. Also, the calming background noise is also quite effective in assisting with that. The app is somewhat great so far, just haven't decided whether paying for it will benefit me yet. Benefit vs cost dilemma.