What are some good stretches for the lower back? I sit too long hunched over and need relief.

Mathis T.
For starters: Try not to sit for more than 1 hour at a stretch. Just get up, walk around, stretch abit (say for 5-10minutes if you have the time). Just ensure you're never in the same sitting position for too long.

For the lower back: 1) when you wake up, while lying on your bed itself, lift your legs together (6 inches above the surface) and hold for a few seconds. Do this 10-15 times
2) while lying down bring your knees close to your chest while holding onto to your leg. Do this one leg at a time.
3) lie on your stomach and lift your body up using just your palms, you'll feel the pressure on your lower back.
4) stand up and lift your neck and upper body backward till you feel the pressure on your lower back.

Emilie W.
I usually simply stand up with both my hands on the bottoms then lean backwards. Then I tried bending down to touch my toes. I always tend to sit too long as well. Really, the best thing is to get up.
Billie P.
I would think single arm over to head stretches where you kind of point to the other side of your body and kind of lean into it also touching your toes and making sure to breathe through it
Catherine T.
I use the cobra stretch, lying face down on the floor and push up on your arms, raising just the top half of your body up off the floor, keeping hips and legs flat on the floor. Child's pose to stretch the other way then on hands and knees dip the lower back towards the floor and then round the back up towards the ceiling.
Cris E.
Try a cat stretch! On all fours, back straight, curve your back up and down slowly in 10 second intervals. Then do a child’s pose and hold for 10. I also li
Johanne Z.
Stand stright, put arms on the waist and bend over to the front and back, bend left and right with opposite arm straigtened.