Should I rotate my menu or is it okay to eat the same things every day?

Am Lia Y.
It's well onown amongst the fitness community that people do way better with a varied meal plan as opposed to eating the same things every day. Variety is important (you can develop kidney stones from eating too much spinach which is rich in calcium) keep the same principles in mind for healthy eating and get creative with it. You'll enjoy it far more and its easier to sustain as a lifestyle change which is far more effect than adopting a diet and yoyoing off that
L Onard Y.
Eating a variety of healthy foods is always optimal. If indeed this is your preferred daily eating habit then change is not necessary. However you might find that trying new things can be a pleasure.
Elysia N.
I think if it’s easier to make a healthier choice because you’re eating the same thing more than once in a week it’s ok. If we make things to complicated it will be harder to consistent (that’s true for me anyway…) It’s feels good to treat myself right and make sure my body has the proper nutrients to run a little more smoothly throughout the day. I’m realizing I haven’t really focused on my own health before.
Alexandra G.
From my point of view you should eat what you want, but just be careful to how many calories each meal has. Try eating a lot of vegatable and fruits. But you can have 20 grams or one biscuit once in a while ☺️

In order to calculate how many calories you eat you can by a kitchen scale and weigh everything you eat. At least at the beginning. You can check the FitnessPal app, it was really helpful for me to keep track of my meals 🥑

For the moment I am consuming only 1100 calories because I want to lose weight (female, 159 cm, 80 kg). Here is how my nutritionist portioned out my meals: Breakfast – 350 calories; Snack 1 – 100 calories; Lunch – 400 calories; Snack 2 – 100 calories; Dinner – 250 calories.
I hope my answer will help you 🌼

Alma F.
I eat one meal, lunch, of the same basic things every day. A fresh salad. It helps me have limited choices so that I can dedicate that energy to other things I care about but it’s healthy and easy to make so I don’t feel badly about it.
Lady L.
You should listen to your body every time you’re going to eat. Then think what kind of food do you want right now? Put on a plate in front of you. What do you feel? Is it something that you really want to eat? If your answer is yes, next you should do is to smell it. What do you feel now? Then put it into your mouth, hold it just as it is couple of seconds. And if it feels good star to chewing it, slowly, feeling different tastes and then you can gently swallow it. If you will do these steps even couple of times, you will answer you question by yourself ☺️
Mee W.
For me, with my busy lifestyle I find it is easier (and less expensive) to eat the same general things every day. And I think it also helps me appreciate (savor) the variety more when I switch it up on occasion.
Dylan Z.
Guess I'm thinking it is okay as long as the meals you are eating are balanced and giving you the right nutrition throughout the day. We are creatures of habit and there is something comforting as well gives us a better chance to keep the habits
Enrique U.
It is important to eat different things now and then. It is better for your physical health, but also potentially gets you to try new things. That being said, there’s nothing wrong with having a few comfort recipes. Balance is key.
Brianna Y.
Variety is the spice of life! Nutrition is best with a variety of vitamins and minerals found in different foods. Switch it up.
Amy O.
𝖨 think it’s better to eat different things. For me, 𝖨 eat the same breakfast but 𝖨 get annoyed when 𝖨 eat the same lunch for more than two days. So rotate your menu as long as you’re comfortable with that.
Afsaneh F.
I don’t think it matters, as long as you’re getting the nutrients you need in some way (through the food or supplements) and you enjoy the food and don’t want to change then I don’t see why not ☺️
Brooklyn O.
It’s best to put variety into your diet. Think about eating a rainbow everyday and try to get all the colors from fruits and veggies!
Amanda F.
You definitely should! Not only does it provide you with different nutrients every day, but it also keeps you from being demotivated and sick of your routine
Olivia X.
Better to rotate it and get a diversified healthy diet. For example, 5 to 9 fruits and vegetables a day is healthy and that you get a wide variety of nutrients antioxidants vitamins and minerals that are helpful in preventing cancer heart disease and other common illnesses.
Marilou C.
Both. Batch cooking lunches and dinners are a good idea, but variation in general is important. 2-3 different options for breakfasts, loads of different veg & good protein source for lunch, delish dinners. Snacks and treats with variation in mind too. Nuts, seeds, yoghurt, fruit, some chocolate and loads of water between meals.
Marilete I.
Obviously not a doctor,but this is very individual. I think the main thing should be to enjoy. Personally I enjoy eating the same thing with small variations. If you feel this is getting to feel like a chore, mix it up
Nima A.
After a while you will be tired to eat the same menu and of course you need all the food groups. So don't scare and change your menu time by time.
Ann Z.
I believe it is perfectly ok to eat the same things every day, as long it is balanced and healthy. Better to eat the same things because you can get it organised, over trying to cook something new every day, not finding the time and snacking unhealthy food. Variety is important to help you stick to a healthy diet, but if you don’t need the variety to stick to it, that is ok and makes your meal planning so much easier.
Herwig U.
I think it’s important to switch what you eat from time to time. Enjoy yourself but I believe having a routine in your diet is healthiest.
Ily S S.
A rotating menu is always better than eating the same things day after day to ensure I am getting all the necessary vitamins and minerals. It also keep me from getting burned out of one item
Robin N.
If it's easier to eat the same thing every morning, you can start with that. Variety is good as well though, it helps with keeping it enjoyable and it's healthy to eat a varied selection of foods!
Liselotte U.
It's okay to eat the same things every day but with eating the same thing everyday, you might get tired of eating the same thing and might stop eating breakfast all together. Also it makes it fun and exciting to try out new recipes and food you haven't eaten before.
Ashley O.
You should absolutely rotate your menu. While it's ok to have some go-to items, you want to ensure those items provide high nutritional value and that they are not just fast and easy and devoid of nutrients. Rotating your menu ensures you intake a diversity of macro and micro nutrients and keeps assists in preventing your body from developing deficiencies. A well-rounded nutritional diet is always the best bet. You can achieve this even if you are following a specific dietary lifestyle like Keto, Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian, or standard western diet.
Menno Z.
So i have been mealprepping for years and eat atleast 2 meals the same monday till friday. I don't think it's necessarily bad as long as you do switch it up on your other meals and change the meals you repeat aswell each week. It's important to have different nutritions in your body. Especially when it comes down to fruits and vegetables. Goodluck! – Menno from Amsterdam
Eduardo O.
I think that it's ok to eat the same things to a certain extent but I feel like it would be good to set up a schedule if you are looking for order and pencil in some time for trying new things, maybe start with one meal a week; breakfast, lunch or dinner!
Cristal O.
It’s not a bad thing to eat the same things every day, however it is important to rotate your menu so that you don’t get bored and drop any healthy habits you’re trying to build. If you eat the same things every day, healthy as they may be, you’ll more than likely grow bored of eating those things and run the risk of losing interest in building a healthy habit at all.
Roary N.
I think it’s perfectly fine to eat the same things every day! I eat the same breakfast everyday and I feel content with that. If you feel like there’s not enough diversity in what you’re eating or worried it’s getting a little mundane, you can always switch it up a little by adding something different like different fruits or nuts to your salad, or make an effort to add a different vegetable to your meals every week just little tweaks so that you don’t get bored!
My Little Tedy N.
If you enjoy eating the same thing everyday, then go ahead and do that. If you feel like you are getting bored of that meal or you want something different, make sure to switch it up. 🙂
Gabrielle T.
I think it's not okay to eat the same things everyday, we need to change, try different things and to eat more healthy food.
Anna Z.
Food should be exciting, a place for exploration and admiration. Trying new things not only help expand your taste palate, but help you explore other cultures as well. I think changing your menu from day to day (or every few days) helps keep you on track for nurturing your body. Eating the same thing over and over becomes mundane which is harder to continue on a good path.
Ken F.
I think you should rotate your menu, it will give your life a little more flare and alot less boredom, it will make you feel like you are accomplishing something new, that is trying something new
Rachel A.
At our house we rotate meals using the same ingredients; for example we have four different recipes for whole chickens – harissa, yellow curry, tiki masala and lemon. Each uses different types of seasoning and veggies. Then, wait a day and have left overs two days out. I also have three different ways of making salmon with various greens and grains. Four example, I might make salmon caramelized onions with garlic and miso honey butter seasoned kale and amaranth. Then, the next day use the leftover kale on polenta with a fried egg for lunch with edamame. Then, the next day have the salmon leftovers on wild rice with stir fried veggies.
Elias N.
You should rotate because your body needa diversity in taste, in nutrients. And, sincerely, eating the same thing every single day is bland and you can slowly lose your interest in food. Keep in mind that food must be enjoyable and fun!