Once a day it’s ok? I’m trying to floss after lunch (works better for me than at night).

Unmay Q.
It is good when you floss when it is possible but do it regularly. It is better to floss at night it gives you freshness. And the result comes in morning it will give you fresh morning as well. So floss regularly at night
Florence E.
I think once a day is easy to achieve and it's better than not at all right? I think the same goes for what time of day you do it – if it's easiest at lunch than do it then. You can always increase from there!
Stefan Q.
If it works better for you, then by any means go for it and build the habit!
Ideally you want to transition, but at a later point.

Good Luck,

Bryn R.
I mean, I'm not a dentist, but once I get back in the habit of flossing once daily, at the same time, every day, it's so much easier to stick with it! And I've always been told when I go in for cleanings that I have healthy gums, so if midday works for you and it becomes a habit, that's great! (For me, it's right before bed… On rare occasions I fall asleep watching a movie or something, I'll get up at like 2am to brush and floss, I just can't sleep well without it now that I'm used to it!)