I’ve been trying to put things away right away to help with tidying up. But it seems like I I’m cleaning ALL THE TIME! how do I get to enjoy a clean 🏠 or at least a room? Did I mention I have 🐕 & 🐈 & grandchildren! Lol

Sky A.
I have this exact experience. I can never get the whole house and yard clean at the same time. I want our housekeeper back but because of the pandemic she can’t come. Don’t feel inadequate! It’s a tough job!

Morgan X.
I struggle with the same problem, so I can't really help. But I just noticed that sometimes the best is to tidy up what comes under my sight. About cleaning, perfectionism could be the real problem to solve. You surely need one ore two days a week dedicated to deep cleaning without any intermission, but not everyday. Just keep the situation affordable during the other days.

Christian Z.
I pick a room each day and spend 10 minutes tidying up. Afterwards I spend a moment and look at the room. I try to see that it now looks better than it did and I pat myself on the back. Even though it's just one room I feel better knowing that today I improved my home, and in doing so I improve myself. Appreciate the small changes first, the rest is bound to come.

Brooke N.
I try cleaning my home in sections so I don’t overwhelm myself. I do a few small things a day and then I have the kids help me with other chores. So it’s a teamwork effort.

Laura O.
I cut down on time by using my normal routine as my cleaning routine. For instance, when leaving a room, take things that don’t belong in that room with you. After washing your face with a wipe or a towel, use that towel to wipe down the sink top after. When you get home from work, take 10 mins just to whip around the house and wipe down anything that needs wiping down. Don’t set too high a standard for yourself! You are doing an amazing job just thinking about doing the extra work. Take every clear bench as a positive.

Ulysses E.
Cleaning should be a part of an everyday habit, although it can be stressing, especially when you realize the work never ends, you soon learn that having a clean home maintains good structure and keeps your mental spot healthy. Try your best to enjoy the process and look forward to the end position versus the work that needs to be done.

Aislin W.
15 mins every day helps keep me sane and I clean the messier tasks on days I have off. Wiping let's feet before they come in from a walk also helps a lot. I brush my dog once a week to cut down on sweeping and vaccuming. I try to give him baths after going to the dog park. I also enjoy watching TED talks or short tv shows while doing boring tasks like laundry or dishes

Heather P.
Take a look around and see what things in your home are no longer serving you. Can you do without them? Honestly what I’ve found because I live in a small space with a cat and dog as well is that I have a lot of items that take up space but means very little to me. I cleared out my bedroom and have a clean space that encourages relaxation. I’m gradually focusing on other spaces in my home and one day everything will come together. I too clean as I go but the key really is to just get rid of a lot of unnecessary things. A friend of mine once brought up that our ancestors only had 10 possessions to their name and one of the items was a set of clothing. Imagine what your life would be like if you had just a few possessions that you cherished and used.

Merc Q.
I use a few tools including the 1 minute rule, the travel bag(s), and a timer.

The 1 minute rule is that whatever room I’m in, if something will take less than a minute then it is done right away. That goes for putting things away or general tidying.

The travel bag or bags is possibly the most useful thing for me with 2 kids (3 year old and 18 months). I grabbed a bunch of tote bags that were laying around not doing anything and I put one in each of the main rooms. Anything that doesn’t belong in that room gets put in the bag. When I leave to head to another room, I take the bag with me and put away whatever goes in the room I intended to go into. Through the day I end up carrying one around the house a lot and at the end of the day I put the totes back.

The timer keeps me in line so I don’t go overboard. The house isn’t the most important thing, so I give certain chores/tasks a set time limit. Eg dishes = 5 minutes. Putting away laundry = 3 minutes. Folding laundry = 20.