Is stretching safe for beginners?

Celina N.
Stretching is of course safe. People do it all the time. Even baby do it. What's better would be, step by step stretching exercises, that would help as well. Since some people don't know how to stretch other parts of the body other than their hand, maybe back stretch.
Greg J.
Just start slow, and pay attention to how your muscles feel. Don't push it. For a lot of stretches, you can just use your body weight to stretch the muscle, without pushing or pulling.
Justin C.
Of course it is! You just have to know where to look. Look for easy, beginner stretches, and don’t do them if they’ve start to hurt you’re body. Write down your favorite Onésimo so that hat our have a list a list oof ones obesz
Clarence C.
Stretch is good for everyone. Taking some time to stretch provides us with the consciousness of waking up our body. Elongating the muscles that were asleep. Provides one with the fiery sense of movement. Good for the body and the soul.