Is coffee harmful? Do you drink it as a part of your breakfast?

Dolores E.
I know that if you drink coffee a while after you wake up, it works more effectively to give you energy. The only bad thing in coffee is the caffeine which can affect some people negatively, other than that there are a whole lot of good things in coffee. I would stay away from decaffeinated coffee though because the beans are soaked in strong chemicals to remove the caffeine and there has been research showing it can cause cancer. I do drink coffee at breakfast because I like the taste, not to give me energy. If you use it to help you stay awake then I suggest you drink it 3-4 hours after you have woken up. Good luck with your Fabulous journey! 😁
C Sar E.
I think if you set beforehand a timer on your phone settings for the app in which you wanna decrease the time spent, it will be easier to start to stop using them that much. I think if you start by making up schedule or timers it will be easier and more satisfing for you and you can reward yourself for sticking to the timer.
Maciel S.
I have one coffee in the morning with breakfast before I exercise , I try to make it decaf but coffee has been shown to help exercise output so as long as I stick to one I enjoy it !
C Sar E.
I heard Dr. Andrew Huberman’s podcast advise to drink your coffee some time after waking up to give your body the chance to use its own way to wake you up. Otherwise, caffeine use could just pick you up at the moment but taxbyour adrenals in the long run, leaving you fatigued more often and needing the coffee to keep you going throughout the day. Check Huberman Lab podcast out!
Guilhermino Z.
To be honest it really depends on how much and how often you have it personally i avoid caffeinated drinks as much as possible as it isnt the best for you health instead try drinking water in the morining it cleanses your imune system as well get rid of any toxins in your body. Hope this helps
Erwan Q.
Yes it is harmful. But a small amount of it only in the morning if you have no other choise wouldnt make a problem. I personally dont drink coffee because i dont like its taste. Also i think it is better to start the day with a fresh home made juice.
Charly T.
It depends. If you're drinking coffee where the climate is hot then yes drinking coffee everyday is harmful. If you live in at a place where the climate is cold then surely you can drink coffee everyday but the climate is not only the thing that matters. If your body is not suitable with drinking coffee everyday then you should drink it on alternative days or even less. It really all depends on your lifestyle and you. If you're a person who is going to office everyday then maybe coffee is very important for you to give you some energy.
Marco A.
coffee is NOT harmful as long as you drink it in moderation. treat it the same way as alcohol. you wouldn’t drink it every day but it won’t hurt to have a drink every now and then. also if you make your coffee with a lot of sugar, creamer, milk, etc. try adding less each time and that can also raise the amount
of times you can have coffee for breakfast in a week. some
people may say it will stunt your growth…that is NOT true. everyone reacts differently. i in fact grew a good amount. but it will s different for everyone so just take that into account.
Patrick J.
Coffee is not the best thing to drink but I don't think it's super harmful or anything. I think as long as you start the morning with a cup of water and then have coffee after the water with your breakfast it'll be fine. I personally drink tea but sometimes I have coffee with my breakfast. I think in general just have coffee in moderation like only 1 or 2 a day if u have it everyday and as long as you drink more water throughout the day you won't even realise your drinking less coffee.
C Sar E.
Yes, coffee is harmful, the worst that caffeine can do is letting you have a heart attack. Other things are lack of sleep and gaining weight (this is only if you drink it with sugar or milk). I know a lot about coffee (I did a presentation about it at school, where they make it, how they make it and stuff like that) but I have never druk it before, mostly because I don’t like the smell.