If you go to the gym in the mornings, how much time do you recommend to sleep? And do you recommend to have breakfast before going to the gym or afterwards?

Marliese Q.
It is always recommended to get 8h of sleep. You know yourself best so if you wake up tired in the morning, get some more sleep. Not everyone can eat in the morning but I recommend to at least eat a little bit. Things like a smoothie or any fruit can already help. To workout, you need some strength which only food can give you. There are many pages on the internet that give examples for pre-workout snacks, maybe check those out.
Sebastian F.
i dont go to the gym but i do a few floor exercises at home! i recommend having a fruit or smoothie half an hour before you exercise to boost your energy a bit and then i eat a full breakfast after i exercise and shower!
Arianna C.
I usually need my 8 hours of sleep if possible. And I rather have breakfast afterwards, but that is what works for me, and everyone is different. If that works for you to great. But don't force your self to do something that your body can not support. 😉❤️
Irina G.
I work out for 3 days a week, I prefer to have breakfast before so I have the energy. I think sleeping is very individual and depends on person but for me, I like to sleep for 8-9 hours everyday. Morning workouts are best for me.
Marty A.
I prefer sleeping about 8 – 9 hours daily, especially before a gym. And I tend to wake up hungry, so I eat a fruit-based breakfast, which is light and gives me plenty of fuel to burn.