I love to play music before sleeping and usually is on my cellphone. What would you suggest to do instead?

Gisenna N.
I suggest us to maybe read a book 📖 or maybe go to the toilet 🚻 to pee because you might pee in your bed 🛌 and your mom will be sick of it of changing it all the time so maybe if it doesn't work you can just wear a diaper 😉🤭😊😇 or the last thing to do which is the best thing to do is to just SLEEP 💤 😴 cause you don't want to waste any more time to have a long nice sleep before SCHOOL cause school is super early but some school starts late not fast and mine fast it is at 7:00 😐 and some might be at 6:00 but good thing that is not me but I want my school to start at 1:00pm 😉

Ella S.
Create a Playlist that you LOVE, a Playlist that you don't want to skip any song. Another thing you can do is to put your phone on a very dim lighting and I'm pretty sure most phones have blue light filters so you can put that on at night time aswell

Luci N.
I think listening to music is fine as long as it’s calming! You could always try rain sounds instead it maybe read a bit before sleeping so you have less trouble getting to sleep once you’re done

Marcus J.
I would suggest that when your heading to bed wear comfortable clothes to sleep in such as pajamas or over large shirt with leggings before getting into bed check if the room is warmish so it's not to cold or hot. close the door of your bedroom and turn the lights off get into be and get into your most comfortable position possible and relax and enjoy the silence of the night If you're overthinking just think and remember the best moments ever

Zoe J.
if you can’t sleep without listening to music, then make sure it’s instrumental or quiet and calm. put a timer on it so it turns off once you’ve dozed off 🙂

Lucie E.
Maybe read a book or listen to music on and mp3 instead of a phone. This will keep you away from all the social media and the light from your screen. Although reading or drawing is great before going to sleep. Do something you love! <3

Athena N.
Try listening to some classical music on a radio if you have one or if you use Spotify there is a sleep timer which stops the music after certain period of time. You could start playing your music let’s say an hour before bed and set the sleep timer for one hour and it will automatically stop it without you worrying about it.

Sofia P.
Well I am not sure because I see nothing wrong with that. I love music too, and I find it nice to listen to music. Have you ever considered making your own music and learning an instrument?

Purvanshi O.
Hey beautiful human,
I don't think listening to music is a bad idea as it definitely helps me sleep. But the kind matters. Listening to slow, peaceful and lofi music will make you feel calm and sleepy. Make a playlist of songs(preferably without lyrics) that sooth your soul and make you in a state of serenity. Otherwise, you can try to do mediation (start with 5 mins and then build up for how much ever long you want), journal your thoughts and feelings (do a body scan or write down all the emotions you felt throughout the day and what they were related to. This will trick your brain into thinking that the day has finally ended and it's time to wind down and it'll also, help you to understand yourself better), do sleep yoga (there are tons of videos on YouTube that are based on yoga poses to do before bed time.. you can do them on the bed too :). You can also, try drinking a cup of warm milk with a pinch of turmeric or any tea and read a book that is slow placed and relaxing (never a thriller or anything that makes your heart race 🙂
I hope you like these suggestions and are able to incorporate your preferred ones in your night time routine. And hopefully, they bring you a well rested and energising sleep.
You're doing great!! And I'm proud of you no matter who you are.

Leoberto Q.
If you have an Alexa or like a google thing then you can maybe play music on there but if you don’t I would suggest making a playlist for before bed that you can turn on then not touch your phone. I hope that helps

Hannah T.
Use an app where you can set a timer of when to stop your music, then you can fall asleep with it on but not have your phone running all night.

Lucas B.
Maybe use a music player and set it too a time limit so you can save electricity and you should also make sure to listen to calm music as that would make you sleep better instead of really loud of upbeat music 🙂

Maja G.
i think that’s alright just get a playlist so your not constantly have to look at your phone and set an alarm to make it turn off i know you can do that on a iphone i don’t know if you can on anything else

Michaele U.
You can play music before sleeping even if ur playlist is on your phone…you can just download ur favourite songs on ur phone to listen to your playlist without internet or 3G …then you can put your cellphone on Airplane mode
[ I do this every day before sleeping:
1- turn Airplane mode ON
2- listen to whatever I want…. music…songs…or maybe Prayer audio]
You can try it…

Bentley R.
Find something to do with your hands. Music stimulates the ears, and screens stimulate the eyes. To replace them you need to stimulate something else. Books are a great alternative to cell phones, and I find drawing or writing works to replace music.

Riley G.
So, usually, I put classical music on my phone or nature melody because it helps me to sleep faster and I can get a better sleep. And it really works.

James S.
Read a good book of your choose or you can do some art paint what you feel describe you feelings on that peace of paper or whatever your painting on in your favorite colors

Mataya P.
Well I would suggest maybe getting an mp3 player and using that instead. Also if you can not get one maybe putting a blue light filter on your phone would be a good solution. Have a good sleep!

Johan C.
I rather listen to a podcast or read it feels better when you are getting ready to sleep and helps you get ready to start reading in school

Gabrielle I.
If you like to play music, play and sing to your own symphony! If you’re talking about playing music on your phone that’s great too. Before bed I like to decompress and take things slowly. I need to unplug because I’ve been in front of my laptop from studying and connecting with colleagues on my phone. I don’t want to be in front of all that noise, but I would recommend finding a way of peace and balance by playing an instrument or playing music on your phone and relaxing before bed. Time to refresh, reflect and relax from a hard days work.

Robyn N.
meditate!! i don’t think listening to music at night is a problem if it’s calming and not energetic but meditation helps me fall asleep. i do a 5-10 minute meditation, put away my earbuds, close my eyes and fall asleep. it’s really helped me fall asleep easy and i recommend it to everyone

Tereena O.
I like to listen to sleep casts from headspace. You can choose a scene and they help you fall asleep. It goes from talking like setting the scene or story telling to just ambiance or sounds that are in the scene. I’m usually sleeping before the sounds come on. They’re great! You should try it!

Bella O.
I wouls suggest to click off the phone, plug it in so its charged and ready for tomorrow, and read a book or let your thoughts wander, sing aloud if you want to. You just need to learn to disconnect and once you can do that, you can do anything

Ange N.
Ahmm, I also do that to make me sleep faster. I listen to… some classical music or nature music it's so calm and relaxing try to do it on spotify they have sleeptimer so this cannot bother you while you are sleeping

Angel J.
Read a book, play a quiet audiobook, play ambient music, play calming music, meditate, drink a cup of hot tea/ hot cocoa, diffuse calming essential oils, dim the lights, hide your phone a little while before getting ready for bed, silence your phone if you can, make a sort of "puzzle" around your phone to help discourage you when you want to get on it. I hope this was helpful! 🙂