I have never tried smoothie bowls but I’ve seen pictures, and they look tasty. What would be a good smoothie bowl recipe to try? πŸ€”

Doris R.
A good smoothie bowl requires protein, so something like, bananas and peanut better and something with vitamins like apples or oranges. really when making a smoothie bowl, make something full of nutrients and protein, make a combination that is good to you and for you
Winnie Y.
A tasty smoothie bowl depends on your favourite fruit. Just put all of your favs in and you’ll like it. No point makin some professionally recommended avocado bowl if you don’t like avo
Aisha N.
The key for a nice textured smoothie bowls is for the fruits to be frozen prior! So for example you can throw frozen bananas and frozen berries into a blender with some milk/nut milk (and optional : protein powder for an extra kick) and blend on low until it’s thick and looks less like something you would β€˜drink’ and more like something you would scoop.

Then the next step is honestly the easiest, just pick any fruits you have that would complement your smoothie and just chop them on top. If it were up to me, I would add some fresh bananas, fresh berries and fresh sliced kiwis on top. You can also add a variety of other things, the most popular choices are shaved coconuts, and lots of seeds – chia seeds, flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds.

Melissa S.
Yeah! You should try it, I love it. Try this recipe:

– a big hand full of blue berries
– 1 banana
– a big hand full of oats
– some milk (oat milk or regular)
– a table spoon of peanut butter

Mix it in a blender and top it off with blue berries, banana, granola, coconut nibs and some nuts.

It's really nice, enjoy!!!

C Lio C.
I think frozen bananas or other frozen fruits make a good base. Always feel free to add a few greens like spinach or kale. Then top your smoothie bowl with nuts, granola, chia seeds, ECT… Super yummy!!!
Irene T.
Yougurt, frozen berries, honey, a little chocolate, maybe some nuts and peanut butter. You can actually do a smoothie with whatever you have and whatever you like.