I have a mechanical timer ⏲. Pomodoro. It’s part of me, I like to work with it. I love its loud ringing when pomodoro is up. The problem is I can only use it at home for it would scare my peers at work. Are there some silent mechanical tools for pomodoro technique and deep work sessions?

Connor F.
I wouldn’t be surprised if Fabulous had a Pomodoro challenge Ito be honest. If not, there are a ton of apps out there. I know they’re not mechanical but I can’t think of anything specifically mechanical that would help? You could maybe get an hourglass? Or those cool little desktop water fall things with ink droplets aside (the ones where you watch them gently fall to the bottom). Something like that?
Marcia O.
Yeah, you can use a lot of apps that use pomodoro without loud ringing like FLIP, Engross, Forest, Study benny and they have a lot more features than mechanical timer
Harvey O.
There are some physical timers that do not tick. They still beep though. Sadly the only thing that wouldn’t distract your co-workers would be a phone timer with earphones on.
Silje A.
Promodoro is pretty archaic in the times we are in. There are many forms of silent alarm systems that are available in my market similar to Fitbit. If you research about devices similar to or, same as Fitbit you will know that they are created to monitor your health and also at the same time give you a silent vibration when you are sitting for long and require to stretch your limbs. Along with monitoring your heart rate, sleeping habits, distance you have walked and giving you the data on a regular basis as it syncs via blue tooth to your phone you can set yourself calendar/ daily reminders to go for a jog, cycle or, meditate just like you follow a regimen via this applicate. Try it and you will love it. I use it and it lets me know if my daily deep sleep of 5 hours is enough to keep me health, regulates the distance I walk everyday and I push my boundaries everyday by increasing my distance bit by bit. As my job requires me to sit for 8 hours at my desk with equally placed breaks the device also warns me if I an sitting for a long time at my desk and buzzes siletly/ just as a mobile phone would in do not disturb vibration mode. Try it out, it is really helpful.