How you know what’s your purpose is?

Th O P.
You think about something you want to achieve, like a goal. A better version of yourself, better grades, anything. I think this is a purpose

Parijat E.
Clarity comes through engagement and nit thought. I should have stayed back at softway atleast work from home instead of quitting abruptly. I could have figured out my passion at softway itself. Helping businesses grow itself is my passion. Don't listen to stuff outside. Nothing is one size fits all.

Chel O.
Well I did already have my purpose. Not sure if there is another one. Hmmmm. I can say that having a daughter that was quite ill all of her 27 years of lifeI can only believe that caring for that lovely creature all her life was so it for me!! Again hoping it isn’t time to retire looking forward to a new purpose hope there is more to this journey!!! Thank you!!

Nikolas T.
I don't know…There really is no purpose in life. Purpose is what you make it out to be.

Set a goal ( ideally a medium to long-term one ) and plan your everyday actions/routine so they are aimed at achieving it.

Good things take time. Work with no hope or dispair. Just start, and keep going.
Don't be surprised if some days are sh*t. There will be those days too. Just keep going.

That's your purpose.

Carol C.
I don’t, actually… but the question itself make me think about it, so I try and give an answer… and everyday is different. So I guess I’ trying to figure that out

Rianne X.
Nobody ever really know exactly what their purpose is. Some of us have a strong feeling to do something in their life: be a caregiver or a business men. But we all figure out what our purpose is along the way.

Joshua J.
The purpose is what drives you through your whole life. There are some goals that are temporary, but the goal is permanent. The goals are made to lead you to your purpose