What is success to you

Christa N.
That’s a very good question.
Personally, I feel successful when I did well or even better than I did last time, depends what it is. In sports I want to progress and when I beat my best, that’s a huge success. ‘Progress’ would be success for me. Whether it is with personal growth, my relationships, diet,… I feel if I plan to eat healthy and did so 90% of the day/week/… I feel successful. Sometimes I set the bar too high for myself and fail to achieve it. I use to beat myself up. These days, I look at how far I have come, what was my obstacle (if any) and how I would do it differently next time or what I’ve learned. It’s all about being kind and realistic with self. Today I set out to do nothing. I ended up cleaning my fish tank, my wheelchair cushions, journaled, had good food and paid all my bills. It felt good, no expectations on today and it ended up being a successful day!
Vit Ria A.
Success is becoming who you want to be and reaching goals, no matter how small. Each small step is a success and I find that I feel successful when I learn and understand something better.
Jake G.
Success to me is being healthy and enjoying life. That's my idea of success but everyone is going to have different ideas of what it looks like. It's about finding what it looks like to you and pursuing that!