What is your purpose? Is it about yourself or others?

Angela O.
My purpose is about others. I don't know for sure how my next journey will help others, but I am working in the day to day to get there. Otherwise my purpose is to support my daughter and RyGuy, the puppies.
Annette N.
Mostly it’s about myself, about my feelings, my well-being and especially my time. But there are some important things, for which I’m not really motivated. I can’t see how they’d affect my future. So I do it for others, to look great in their eyes, so in this way it is again about me, but from another perspective:)
Vadim B.
My main purpose is to help others. I do this by doing small things such as taking people's coffee order (I work at a cafe.) Or making sure that things are done for night staff.
Jillian Z.
Right now it is to take care of my family. But I am also searching for more. That is why I am doing the 6 week challenge.
Gabriela N.
Your purpose can be multi-faceted. You can be improving yourself and use your new found strength or knowledge to help others improve their lives.