What happens when you become swamped with home and kids constant caregiving and housekeeping that you don’t have time for morning afternoon evening routines?

Alberte A.
I had exactly this problem. The fact is that it’s not possible to do everything; housekeeping got neglected, which creates its own gnawing stress at home. I finally buckled down and got to the work of hiring AND TRAINING help. We found a helper to come approx 6 hours a week, she tidies and cooks and cleans and occasionally minds the kids. She essentially is doing some of the work I would ideally do but am simply too overextended to practically do myself. It’s critical that you seek and hire someone trainable, who listens and remembers what you say. It seems to me a lot of people have trouble with helpers at home, I believe because they don’t take the time and thought to understand what they want and explain it. Do you want the place dusted weekly? What temperature do you prefer in the house, what are your thoughts on ventilation? There is no way for a helper to automatically know this, but these are simple things for a person who comes to you willing and able to work. By training the person, in time they become professionals, which is a favor to them.