What if we don’t know our purpose?

Teona Q.
We were all sent to earth with a purpose. We just have to find it. How do we do this? When I want to think about my goal, I meditate, and then I will be able to focus better on myself and my goals. And that works for me. That's it! I hope i helped you! Love ya!

Stary O.
If you don't know your purpose: find everything you enjoy doing.
Maybe you like drawing? Maybe you like Cooking?
Whatever you enjoy doing: You were meant to do it.
For example: If you enjoy making others happy, then your purpose would be happiness (for others and yourself)
Everyone has one purpose: To be us! So have fun. Do what you’d like, because everyone has at least one purpose, be you:)

Rene O.
We can explore. By exploring and participating in various fields we'll be able to see which one suits us best. We have a time limitation but that doesn't have a huge impact on our adventure as long as we manage to complete our tasks in a portion of time we have set before.

Diana U.
Pues vemos las cosas que nos gustan, las que nos gusta dedicar tiempo y paciencia aprendiendo cada vez y queriendo perfeccionar la habilidad o habito

Karishma P.
It may take some time figureing out. it is so difficult to because we make it difficult. We try to find out the Grand meaning in life which objectively it does not exist. Humans matter to humans you matter to yourself . start small. Like taking care of yourself or making a tea for yourself. Being happy doing things that make you happy. Sometimes we get lost and busy in trying to find out the meaning that we forget to actually live the life. Subjective meaning exist give yourself importance to life and life will have importance.

Rosa C.
I don't know, i still don't know mine . Nor I now when I will find it. But despite feeling lost and don't really know what's right or wrong, I do truly believe in the power of universe and I do believe that everyone here is meant to be for something everyone and everything has a purpose. So I hope you will too.

Mana F.
That's okay. I would suggest to explore your values and base your actions for that day on what is significant for you and why it's valued. For eg: If one of your values to be kind, then when you see someone struggling to carry a heavy bag, you'll help them.

Liesbeth S.
If we don't know our purpose, we haven't experienced enough. Experiences and going outside our comfort zones will push us to discover who we are and what we want to do

Casey C.
If we don't know our purpose we are unable to make the steps of creating goals and actually preparing ourselves to follow through the motions of accomplishing our goals.

Elo Se N.
Just spent some time with yourself and try experiencing new thing life is all about doing experiments whether you pass or you learn how not to do so ya the best thing to find about your purpose just be with yourself
And if still you aren't able to find out about it then just do what your parents tell you to do cause they are the only person who always show you the path whenever you are confused

Mike N.
You don’t have to know your purpose. You’ve gotta have an outcome you want to achieve and just grind toward working out the task needed to achieve that goal. Purpose comes when you’re in service doing what is natural. For example, a long time I thought my purpose was to make my community better. Now I’ve moved to another city and I’m working on that community. I’m trying to help the people that are there because I found out that I wasn’t making any of it just needed help it was anywhere I’m around can actually use help, I found my purpose is helping others all around me

Mike N.
You just keep grinding and setting yourself up for success by maintaining your routine(s) and staying focused or motivated towards a goal. Not just being but being with intention. Within that intention you can find yourself with opportunities to really tap into who you are. Who you are is your purpose.

Allie U.
I think thats okay. To not know why you exist but exist anyway, not verything needs a reason. Neither do your wishes or goals need one. Live in the moment, do the best for yourself at that moment and thats what matters the most. Afterall, if you have a purpose and you cant function thats worse..

Irmela O.
That's entirely okay! Part of the journey of life, over the 70+ years we have of it, is learning about this "purpose". Using the word purpose can also make it seem like an obligation, or your role in your own life. In reality, your role in your life is to be YOU and to celebrate the little things that make you YOU! Finding things that bring you joy and make you feel at home in yourself can guide you towards feeling like part of a bigger purpose, or at the very least can guide you towards communities in which your unique attributes can continue to grow and thrive. You are a garden, AND the gardener – water your fields, fill your soil with nutrients, and you will flourish and fruit the most beautiful of creations. It's all about love!

Haylee L.
Think about what makes you happy about your life or maybe you lost a loved one or a friend think about happy times with them .your friend haylee

Michelle P.
If we don't know our purpose….we won't be able to reprociate things in our life….nothing will motivate us to wake up in the morning and start doing stuff which we need to complete

Frederik Z.
A purpose it is not something specific that must be done, not always.
A purpose may be just something as simple as "I wil do better tomorrow" or something as ambitious as" I want a career ".
A purpose is something you find along the way of your life, do not stress yourself if you haven't found one yet.
Just being yourself and doing the best you can is already a good purpose.

Lea N.
If we don't know what our purpose is, all we gotta do us enjoy each little thing we do day by day and looking forward our dreams or long-term and short terms goals

Vasco E.
Actually i still havent discover my purpose but i know that constant improvement in knowledge by reading books, watching self development videos on YouTube can help to you start thinking about what you should do to improve yourself in the areas that you don't feel comfortable with, then you must take action to tackle those problems. Keep repeating this with discipline will enable you to know more about yourself and thus can develop a purpose for yourself.

Joana S.
We are not born knowing our purpose. In my opinion, having a purpose is something that can be replaced by "having goals", as every human being has several throughout life. Our purpose is to be human, to make mistakes, to be us, we are all here to be human, just as animals are here to be animals. We shouldn't worry about our purpose, because if we were to live worried, what would be the purpose of being here?

Nancy Q.
Don’t rush it! Purpose is a strange thing and you will figure it out possibly at a strange time. Focusing on the little things will help the bigger picture come together

Hajar Z.
First of all, take your time. If you don't know anything about your purpose, that means life doesn't want you to know that yet. Just, don't rush things and they will come to you when time is right. Have a hope in life.

Sarah Y.
Look around you. What do you enjoy doing. What things seem to always do there. What type of situations do you find that your at your best. It can be anything from always helping strangers, always listening to people.what makes your heart and soul feel at peace. That's where you start to look for your purpose