Do you ever find it hard to write something down about your purpose?

Bianca M.
Yessss. It's difficult for me because I am not sure what I want yet. Or rather, I know What I want, but I don't know How I want to get there. I recommend watching a youtube video about the Lifebook with Jon Butcher, or google "70 questions to find your purpose". It helps a bit.

Michelle O.
I found that difficult until I completes Mel Robbins best decade ever, for free, on YouTube in January. It's still there and I fully recommend it

Rico N.
Yes, because my purpose is the same, like a trait, not a state. Even in this crisis, my purpose is to love and live with dignity and I believe I was doing that prior and am continuing to do so now. So I quit writing my purpose down as it felt more like busy work. Not the actual task check off but writing out the same purpose each day but it was incredibly helpful in the beginning and does help me tweak on occasion.

Brianna Z.
Yes it is hard, because I’m not sure of my purpose.
I try to think about the things that make me happy and productive but purpose sounds like a heavy word. It’s like you have to know what you want to do with your life and I’m not sure.. I’m still searching.