When life is so repetitive what could the purpose of life be?

Monica F.
I suppose it’s what you are repeating. Flowers that are watered grow faster than those that don’t…. or others say, energy flows where energy goes. Making what is important to YOU the object of your energy. Then, it drives purpose.
Alvin S.
Not let the enjoyfull repetition to end. Life is beautifull you just have to remember & not forget the purpose of the joy you got from the achievement of a successfull career or education.
Daniel U.
I’m struggling with this myself. Feels like life has no purpose. Just find what you like, get good at it and enjoy yourself..
Candice U.
Perhaps the question here is not “what is the purpose of a repetitive life?”, But “what can I change to give my life purpose when my currently daily experiences are the same?”. We are the ones in control of our purpose.
Stephanie Y.
If life is repetitive, then it means that your goal is not specific enough. I think the purpose of life is to achieve goals that will build wisdom and determination. This does not mean the number of goals achieved, but the amount of energy and time that were effectively put in to achieve a goal.
Pragnya P.
The purpose of life need not be something big. It could be making tiny changes in your day to lives to be more kind, thoughtful, brave and empowering. If through your life you’re able to help one person, your life becomes more meaningful. Being productive with repetitive tasks will give you more time to do tasks that give you meaning.