Is it better to think about your short or long term purpose?

Rico N.
I’ve always taught teens what I learned from an award wining author. Painters often do this as well. What do you want the ending to say, to look like, to be? Start there and work backwards. Start with the longterm and set the short term to get there. Look at the very last day of your life. How do you want that to be? How do you get there? If you want to be surrounded by loved ones, you better love them now. Build those relationships each day. Do you want to draw retirement? Invest now. Do you want to be well read or have an education that opportunity didn’t give you? Pick up the books now. Study on your own. Reach for your goals but do not put them off. Do a little something everyday that will contribute to the longterm goal.
Rachel Z.
I prefer to visualize my long term purpose personally. Mostly because I'm not satisfied with my accomplishments this far in life, but I'm only 25, I've got a lot more experience and wisdom to gain before I'll be where I want to be and doing what I want to do. I guess it all depends on how your progress on your goals makes you feel about yourself.
My best regards,
Rachel M
Lena G.
I think it depends on your situation. If you're in a hard place and find things a struggle, focusing on things at hand and one day at a time might be easier. But if you have the room to breathe and think on long term plans, they can guide the short term ones.