What is one thought that helps you start in the right direction when you’ve been off track for a while

Lya T.
I have one life to live and love and I need to be authentic in this life. I know I’m happier when I adopt a healthier lifestyle and thinking about this and examples of this from my past makes me want to get back in the right track again.
Michael P.
To start very small and congratulate myself for the small step as if it had been a big step. Try not to feel guilty or angry and just begin small and feel good about it.
Aaron J.
Focus on the here and now, just because you’ve been off trac for a long time, doesnt mean you have to be off track now. You aren’t engaged to your past self, instead, ready yourself for your future self, and just do it
Alison Z.
The first thought of my day keeps me on track for a positive day. Continuing to think that thought through out the day keeps me on track all day. When negative thoughts cross my mind I redirect myself into thinking that thought so that I can change my Outlook. That thought is that I'm going to have a good day today no matter what. Remembering that thought keeps me positive.
Xiaowei J.
Don’t have much time to write a lot today since I have to sleep soon and get a good rest and wake up early and fight.
Not sure what the answer is, but I just know I have a strong dream that I must accomplish, I deeply feel from my inside that I must fulfill it and I born for it.
Don’t tell anything negative for that.
I born as a king. I born for my kingdom, I born to build my dynasty
Jillian Z.
The thought 9f getting to my best life. A life without stress. Where I love the work i am doing every day. Where i have a life with purpose.
Dani N.
I am still struggling with this myself a lot. But writing my to do list and three tasks has been helpful to keep me on track!