How do you form a decision on following a purpose if you have multiple goals that can’t really be pursued concurrently?

Irina I.
List your goals, as best as you can, by priority in your life right now. Work on your top priorities. Are your goals part of your purpose? Or is it that you feel once your goals are complete that you'll be living your purpose? Be well & push on.
Madison U.
I’ve been struggling with the question “What is my purpose?” for awhile and I’d dismiss it when it would come to mind as I knew deep down I’d have to make changes which I wasn’t ready to make as I wasn’t ready to make some decisions as I knew in my heart there’d be consequences in relation to my youngest son.
During these past three weeks since Alberta had confirmed cases of the virus – I became confined to my home due to my age and having a dependent grandchild. I felt useless and wanted to help in some way – I offered assistance to the Command Centre in however I could help through email or telephone?
I felt unwanted that my communication skills weren’t wanted.
During this process – the question of what is my purpose kept coming to my mind- not only in my career but as a parent and grandparent. What can I do what can I leave for my loved ones as a legacy.
Which brings me back to the question … I will prioritize my goals and do the things I can given my self isolation and social distancing and limited services. What can I do… I can research on my topic of interest and start developing curriculum for a workshop.
To give me a variety – work on human resource materials for the front line workers here in my community.
Self Care a must which will keep me on purpose – I have an app to help me develop rituals.
Shirley U.
Take a mental stance of “From a Distance” and look for the theme of the goals. If the goals are so divergent that there is no unity Then you are working against yourself and unable to be productive. Time to reexamine your life.
Pippa T.
Focus on which of the goals gives you more joy, more of a purpose. Wrote them down like the list for your ideal life and then you can see them all. Visual learning is key for me.