What are your purposes?

Anna P.
My purpose is to make sure I express love and compassion for the people in my life. I have recently been diagnosed with cancer and it has been a very clarifying experience because all of a sudden career goals are not important and my bucket list of experiences, like playing my violin and going to the beach with my husband are important
Jolanda F.
The four pillars of purpose are really helpful in answering this. I find my purpose in belonging to my community of faith, in serving them through my writing skills and photography skills. I find that transcendence occurs naturally when I pray as part of my faith. The story I tell myself about myself is that I am called to be a storyteller and through writing and photography I get to tell the stories of the people in my community who can’t tell it for themselves.
Marion E.
I think a universal answer is better health, more energy. It is one of my top 5 purposes. Good health is part of the foundation that everything else is built upon. Except those who were born ill, I have yet met someone is bad health, more or less by their life style choice, is able to remain genuinely positive and joyful.