How does someone with deep self-esteem wounds and depression or other mental health issues approach the life purpose task? It can be difficult to face the idea of having a purpose when you feel so terrible about yourself or the state of the world. It can cause anxiety to face the concept of a “purpose” in the face of mental health issues. How have you framed this task?

Cory Q.
Could your purpose be waking up the next day? Taking life day by day could ease the burden of thinking about past and future events. Could your life purpose be doing 1 thing a day that makes you happy? Start small and build from there.
Casheena C.
The first step is healing and a healthy mindset. That journey is different for everyone. For some therapy, others it’s spiritual advice, some use medication and others use a mix of all three. The most important thing is your mental health. Do what you need to do to make you better? It is only with a clear head that you can see how your life is purposeful.