How can we stop regretting the past and the decisions be made there?

Catharina Q.
That’s a good question because I too had obsessions bothering me.
And for me, the answer came in the jungle.
I was in the rainforest backpacking to see my daughter. I was 60. Luckily, another traveler passed by with a book called “The Power of Now”. I recentered myself to the now, saw the beauty in it, and relaxed. Later when I was blinded by a scratched eye, I went into the now of the pain instead of running from it, made it out of the jungle to S.A. Jose where I had eye surgery. Staying in the now saved my life
Lillian F.
For as long as we regret the past or worry about the future, we are not living in the present. It is up to us to take responsibility for our actions and to clean up anything that has impacted others and then it is up to us to let go of the constraints we have allowed our memories and thoughts to have over us. If we can imagine everything as perfect and complete, this way. What does that open up for us?
Silene S.
One ☝️ of the important thing to do when the regrading is following you it’s make peace ✌️ with it let the past behind and try to take a lesson from what you did wrong or regret and next time if you are about to make a decision listen to your heart if you feel conforte it’s okay to take that decision if not you’ll feel uncomfortable 😣 so that means you shouldn’t take that decision.There is a question “what is the consequences or benefits that decision is going to make in the future to me or the people around me?”
Law of Kharma