I think I’m getting to understand my purpose but what if it is far from my education and I’d rather not start a new one?

Rochelle O.
There’s so much free information on Pinterest, YouTube, and in libraries to get the information and use it in your own life.

Universities also allow you to sit in on lectures if you pay them – you obviously don’t need to do exams so you don’t get a parchment out of it, but it can be useful knowledge.

Lina P.
I would give myself a few options. Expand the purpose to also work with my education (my purpose fits with all career types for example). Continue with what I’m doing until I’m sure I want to start a new education and think that it’s worth it (no time is truly wasted time and in this case, the time spent using the same education is used to truly confirm the new education). Think critically about what is important to me and why I don’t want a new education at this moment (am I unsure about my purpose, will my education be able to hold up to my purpose one day, am I scared about wasting time and potentially wasting more time by not pursuing a new education, is an education the only way to fulfill my purpose, is the grass always greener on the other side, will I pursue a new education and regret it). Have faith that regardless of what you do, life will lead you the right way. If you don’t pursue a new education and you were meant to, your body will tell you one day through dissatisfaction with life and a great burning desire to change and you can change then. If you weren’t meant to, then you’ll find yourself changing into a new person and your purpose may change as well. None of these things are static through life, including the core of who you are. Wishing you peace in your decisions.