What are some examples of things you feel are your purpose?

Timothy F.
And actually I started with the idea in mind of getting back to jogging as I once was doing it 3 to 5 miles a day. At present this is like 30 years later and I just came back from having chemotherapy to get Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma go into remission. The reality is after this treatment it affects everybody differently. So you left on your own to find a way to get yourself back to the wholesome and person you were in the first place. So it's taking 7 months to get to the point where Id be able to manage my rehabilitation by restarting a walking program that would enable me to start jogging again and feeling better. So for the most part I got my hands pretty well full, with keeping the Faith I'm doing those things to reap the rewards.
Eline C.
Main purposes of a majority can be education and career based work if they are studying or working, this apps also help people to reduce addictions so that and lifestyle habits like diet patterns and other healthy routines can I be also taken as a purpose.
Ava C.
Do something good to ohters, be happy and healthy, live a long life, take care of my family and friends (make them happy and healthy too) and have a job that a love must of the time
Erstename S.
Some examples of what I think my purpose is are becoming the best, most skilled, satisfied, happy, and peaceful version of myself, helping as many people as I can, and passing on my knowledge to future generations.